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Terra Osterling: Sudden Write Turn


Here are the highlights of my interview with Terra Osterling: Sudden Write Turn on Women Developing Brilliance®.

Who is Terra Osterling?

Terra Osterling is a freelance writer who sees words as beautiful and powerful. To honor that power and beauty, and to make sense of the world around her, she is constantly seeking out ways to learn the stories that make up The Big Picture. This especially means connecting with people and their stories.

Connecting people—and connecting WITH people—is an important part of her business model and writing process. Terra works for all sizes of businesses, from solopreneurs to large companies, writing a variety of creative and brand-savvy internal and external business communications.


Lightbulb moment

Terra’s love for words started as soon as she could read. For as long as she can remember, Terra has always been writing, playing with words, and honoring the power of words and just how influential they can be. 

Terra realized that she was always working words and writing into every job she had, so she decided to make a career out of it! She made the shift to doing something for herself and write for a living.

“The act of taking the story that’s inside your head and making it into something palatable for others to consume—that’s the hard part.”

That’s exactly what Terra’s talent is—helping you tell the story you have within.


Big truth

The truth is that everyone has a story to tell. Terra acknowledges that in telling your story, you may discover a detail that you thought was not a big deal to you, but may actually be the “ah ha!” moment that needs to be shared!

The story that you have to share is a connection that Terra takes in, listens to, and identifies the hook that can be used to connect you to your audience, readers, and/or clients.

“I’m a freelance writer, but what I really do is connect people.”

Think about what it is that you’re delivering to people. Rather than saying this is the product I deliver, Terra talks about what she has been working on. It humanizes the conversation you may have with a client and moves past the jargon and verbiage that can be confusing.


Shining a bright light

Through her battle with cancer and her triumph over it, Terra shines a bright light on how being an entrepreneur takes a lot of perseverance and faith. Going through such a turbulent time and coming out stronger on the other end has allowed Terra to realize her strengths. 

After 2 ½ years she finally felt she was ready to write about her experience with cancer and open herself up to those raw feelings. Through her story, she hopes to inspire and shine a bright light for those going through the same struggles that she did.

Terra acknowledges that her experience magnified her authentic self.

“When cancer struck, it burned a whole other layer and exposed me in BOLD. I became even more myself.”


Terra’s top tips

  1. Convert your audience into ambassadors - it’s all about connecting!
  2. Your elevator pitch won’t help you make a connection - just be human and talk about how you help people!
  3.  You are never too small to get help from a freelance writer
  4. Compartmentalize your thoughts and feelings to focus on and plug into what you need to do- set aside that imposter syndrome!
  5. Be yourself and do the work to figure out who you authentically are


Terra’s words of wisdom

Terra wants everyone to know that once you are yourself, people will gravitate toward you. Put your energy out there. Owning who you are, what you like, what you don’t like, and what your story is and reflecting on these things are so important, especially as an entrepreneur. She reminds us that people aren’t buying her writing services, they are buying her because they like her. The same holds true for anyone in business. That connection is so important. 


I loved my time with Terra because

She is an inspiration. She has overcome hardship and continues to lead the way when it comes to being authentic. I’m a big believer in the power of sharing stories. Having Terra to help us connect more deeply is a true gift.

Connect with Terra:  https://suddenwriteturn.com/

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