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The #1 Way to Build Your Tribe

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Tips for the #1 way to build your tribe!

So you have a great product.

That’s not enough.

The fact is, the marketplace is crowded, the social feeds are noisy, and most commercials — annoying. As a solopreneur, how do you stand-out, get noticed, and build your tribe?


Yep! That’s it! The single most important way to build and engage your audience is through communication. And not just any blah, blah, blah. It has to be great. Crafting a 2-way conversation is a must. And…it has to be compelling enough for them to stick around until the end.

Storytelling — the key to it all

One of the most effective ways to share your message is through storytelling. Everyone loves a super story. It takes us on a journey. If done well, we feel like we are right there with the author; laughing, crying, outraged. It allows us to escape our world, and turn down the volume of life, if even for just a moment or two.

Once you pull in your reader, how can you make it count for your business? How can you get them to take the next move after you’ve satisfied their curiosity? Whenever you are writing copy, any copy; a Facebook post, a blog article, an email, have your endgame in mind before you even type one word.

Think about the following:

How do you want the reader to feel?


What do you want them to do?


Just like in the real world, true engagement is when both parties are participating. Make it easy for the reader to reply and step towards you. Fun & gentle prompts are helpful. People sometimes need a little nudge to take action. If you agree, give us a thumbs up, share this article with your friend, click here to get all the juicy details, or buy now to save are nice prompts to facilitate the next move.

Remember, it is crucial to respond to every comment, email, or social share. Caring for your reader is not only good manners, but it also builds trust.

Now it’s your turn. I’d love it if you could write up your next post with the above in mind. Share the link in the comments below, so I can cheer you on.

To cozy fireside chats that increase engagement!

Marshmallows anyone?

Until next time…breathe joy,

P.S.- If you need help moving forward, schedule a complimentary strategy session with me below!

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