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The #1 Way To Seriously Increase Your Impact and Income

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As an entrepreneur, it's easy to think that to increase our income, we have to add another strategy, ad campaign, PR connection, and much more. Today, you will learn there is something far greater and more powerful underneath all the "proven frameworks" that's the key that unlocks it all.

If you're a spiritual entrepreneur looking to increase both ROIs (return on investment and return on impact), then this episode is for you!

Tune in to learn more about the secret to pulling in more aligned clients, which in turn will lead to profitability and flow using your divine wisdom.



Episode Highlights: 

  • 2:44 Cultivating self-awareness
  • 7:34 Several ways to elevate your vibration
  • 12:18 The power of affirmations
  • 19:00 Commit to the elevation movement



Links mentioned:

Garth Fagan Dance

The Soulprint Method®

Yoga with Adriene 

Body Groove

Headspace (meditation app)




The #1 Way To Seriously Increase
Your Impact and Income 

Hello, hello. Thanks so much for tuning in. I know there are a slew of options when it comes to what you choose to listen to. I appreciate you taking the time to join me here.

Today, we are going to be talking about ways to increase our impact and income. As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to think it’s all about needing another strategy, ad campaign, pr connection, etc. We are bombarded with marketing highlighting one proven system and framework after another. There’s a blueprint and step-by-step plan for pretty much every business method out there. Each one sounds better than the next! These tactics definitely have the power to hook you into believing if you just get 1 more course, plan or program that it could be the missing link to hitting your 6 or 7 figure operation. The craftier the marketing, the easier it is to get sucked into believing that you need their thing!

But here’s the problem - if we continuously look outside for the answers we will never truly be in alignment with our business. Now there’s a time and a place for systems and structure when it comes to growing your business. But I’m talking about fully relying on external advice vs. leaning into internal wisdom.

When you think about it, what’s underneath all the formulas, automation, and spreadsheets? What’s really going to light up the grid so to speak and fill your client roster? 

The answer my friend is gold and where my interest lies.’s often overlooked. 

So do you want to learn the secret to pulling in more aligned clients which in turn will lead to profitability and flow?

Let’s go!

It begins and ends with energy — our energy.

Now for some of my listeners, they will be nodding their heads in agreement thinking yes, Kc, I’m right there with you. Energy is the key that unlocks it all!

And for those that are newer to the concept, you may be like, hmmm---sounds a little airy-fairy. And no worries, stick around and have a listen and then decide.

For years of my 30-year entrepreneurial journey, I was on a course carousel, taking one certification after another searching for the right combination that was going to unlock my success. I put in the hours and hours of work, followed the digital marketing gurus online, and tried to put all the step-by-step plans into action. And it worked to some extent, I achieved financial success. But as I go deeper and combine business with spirituality more and more what’s rising to the surface is so much more complex and beautiful.

The power of energy and energy alignment is begging to be looked at. Can you relate to this? I’m finding more entrepreneurs, especially women, are being called to serve in a greater capacity. The feminine rising seems like it’s put a call out to lightworkers around the world and we’re getting the message that it’s time to shift. To conduct “business” in a different way. In a way that has the power to change the world - starting by using our platforms to shine a light on big topics that were once looked at as taboo, witchy, or even hogwash.

Science now backs that we are energetic beings. Quantum physics shows that mass and energy are interchangeable. That mass is merely a manifestation of energy. This means that everything, including human beings, is simply energy stored in mass particle form. Pretty mind-blowing.

In that, every thought, word, and deed have their own energy field around them. You’ve probably noticed that children and pets have an innate sense of knowing when they come in contact with a new person if they pass the test or not. They are picking up on their energy field and can easily do so because they don’t have as many mental layers that adults do that we’ve gathered over time. 

Energy isn’t still. It has a vibration, its own pulse if you will. Once you start to tune in you can sense other people’s vital life force. Maybe when you pause here, someone comes to mind. Someone that is totally on, clear, strong, and has a grounded sense of tranquility.

I’ve followed the Garth Fagan Dance company out of Rochester NY since 1990. When I think about noticing life force, one of their original dancers comes to mind. He is so tuned in and strong. This is especially interesting because all of the dancers are fit and fluid but there’s something uniquely special about this one in particular. It’s a higher vibration and a strong core of being tapped into something bigger than the movement or even the physical.

Now, back to you. 

How tuned in are you to your own energy? What vibe do you think you emit? Do you radiate an energy that attracts others, that others would want to be in and around?

These are a couple of powerful self-inquiry questions that I invite you to think about or even journal out.

If your answers are less than stellar and in my opinion, there’s always room for improvement, there are several ways we can elevate our vibration. In fact, I’m a fan of doing multiple each and every day to ensure that I’m moving towards peak energy alignment. Remember it’s progress, not perfection that we’re striving for!

We have the power to adjust and lift our vibration. There are things we can do physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually that can help us feel better.

Let’s jump into a couple of physical ways we can change our state - 

First off, in order to match flow and energy in general, we have to move. Stagnation breeds procrastination, restriction, constriction, and a general sense of blah. We want to move away from all of those qualities and move towards fluidity. I like to think of it as a flowing river, rippling downstream in an easy, playful, and gentle manner. Moving gracefully around any obstructions on the path.  

You can dance, stretch, do yoga, walk in nature, or do Qi Gong as a couple of options. Even getting a massage and having someone else move our bodies can increase flow and stimulate a balanced state. 

Mentally, you can do a few rounds of affirmations - “I am” statements are super powerful. Whatever is resonating with you and be open to mixing them up as time goes by. You can start with, I am worthy, I am loveable, I am a powerful force, I am beauty, I am grace, I am embodied wisdom, I am joy, I am peace, I am a radiant lightworker. Just let whatever is in you flow out. You can say it out loud, record it on your smartphone, and playback your own voice, or write it done. Whatever works for you. Practice this and I guarantee you will start to feel better and others will notice the positive change as well.

Our emotions carry a huge amount of vibratory frequency. When you’re sad, it not only shows but living things can feel your vibration. It may feel heavy or dark or sticky. On the flip side, when you are happy or experiencing gratitude, your energy field will radiate qualities that emulate positive and joyful tones. The cool part is we can stimulate our emotional state by participating in things like gratitude journalling or spontaneous laughter. There have been studies that show our brain doesn’t register the difference between genuine laughter from say a funny joke and stimulated laughter. It still triggers the same biological response, releasing feel-good hormones. So take advantage of that!

On the spiritual side, meditation is my favorite way to change my state. I can go from exhausted and deflated to grounded and elated after a 30-minute meditation. Calming the mind and relaxing the body has been something that I’ve relied on to elevate my vibration for the past 30 years. I don’t know who I’d be without it! You can start small and use the help of an app - there are several out there that promote meditation. I’ve used and like one call headspace.

Practicing some of the above, and I’m sure you have your favorite personal and spiritual development tools that you use, has an incredible influence on your life.

We know that like begets like. That we gravitate towards people, places, and things that feel good. We want more of what increases our bliss and helps us feel more balanced and at ease.

As entrepreneurs, elevating our vibration allows us to not only enjoy what we do every day it will draw people towards us - and the right people that resonate with our message and sense our value and purpose. To me, there is nothing more powerful than that!

Now, couple it with a few sharp business strategies and you’re golden. If you’ve been following my work you know I’m passionate about balance. About honoring the feminine fluidity while respecting and establishing the masculine, linear, logical foundations. We need both to create a thriving and sustainable business. I help clients with this in my Soulprint Method® - my style of coaching that harnesses intuition, energy, mindset, and soul-force and combines it with strategies, marketing, and building blocks. It’s a super-effective Yin Yang approach. If you’re interested in learning more, DM me at [email protected]. I will personally reply and look forward to connecting with you.

So, to recap, moment by moment by cultivating self-awareness we have the power to change our state. By changing our state, we can elevate our vibration. Elevating our vibration not only makes us feel better but increases our impact and creates a positive ripple effect across the globe. This ripple effect inspires others to step into their power, question the status quo, and become curious about taking theory out of the mind space and into the action realm. Action breeds more action which stimulates momentum. And we know as entrepreneurs, once we hit our stride and get into the groove of momentum magical things happen.

To committing to raising our vibration and by doing so, we participate in an elevation movement. Pretty exciting!

Let me know your favorite way to vibrate higher! Drop a comment in my Women Developing Brilliance® Facebook group and let’s continue the conversation.

Until next week...breathe joy,


Listener Feedback:

Loving this podcast


As a woman in business, I love hearing from other women about their journey and how they overcome. Being an entrepreneur is not always a linear process and I breathed a sigh of relief (knowing) with perseverance I can do what I love and serve others. These ladies are so innovative in the business they have carved out of a need and their struggle... it’s so fascinating. Great job KC!!! - MochaLatte84, USA


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