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The Determined FemPreneur with Dr. Naieema

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88% of all women-owned businesses generate less than $100,000 yearly. Dr. Naieema Jackson and I are on a mission to change that statistic! If you are ready to step into your power as a female entrepreneur, start making more money, and be in a position to share your wealth this episode is for you!

We talk about:

🌺 The #1 thing we must do to create messaging that has an impact

🌺 The power in knowing your strengths and skills

🌺 Flipping “hustle culture” on its head

🌺 The next thing determined fempreneurs need to focus on

🌺 What’s underneath women underpricing their services


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More on Dr. Naieema:

Dr. Naieema is the CEO of The Determined FemPreneur™. For service-based female entrepreneurs, we are the leading business & sales strategy program that helps our clients get to 30k+ months in 90 days, while working less. We do this by combining a unique blend of high ticket sales, messaging, and streamlined processes

Dr. Naieema is also the host of The Determined FemPreneur Podcast and Scaling TV, her Youtube channel. She is determined in every sense of the word and believes that determination was the key to her earning multi-six figures in her first year as a coach while pursuing a Ph.D., raising a family, dealing with an anxiety disorder, and working as a nursing professor.

Her coaching and beliefs center around helping women overcome while being determined to reach their entrepreneurial goals.

When Dr. Naieema is not coaching, she is spending time with her husband Omar and their 4 children.

Connect with Dr. Naieema:

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Listener Feedback —


Great Interviews

I love the interview style and questions that Kc asks her guests. I am a new listener, but I am glad I have found this amazing podcast — definitely a good one to keep up to date with. 🖤☕️

mindset is everything! from the United Kingdom


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