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Transcending Human Drama with Kerri Hummingbird

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Do you ever feel that the world’s expectations of you don’t fit?

Learn how to feel connected to your authentic self and spiritual journey as we dive into deconditioning and changing what isn’t working for you. There is immense value in following your courageous heart during this Age of Aquarius (which is known for hope and innovation).




In today's Women Developing Brilliance® episode, you will learn:

๐ŸŒบ How to connect with your authentic self

๐ŸŒบ The trickle-down effect of labels inside the family system 

๐ŸŒบ What the “Second Wave” is and where you fit in

๐ŸŒบ The power of stepping out of conformity and into your sovereignty

๐ŸŒบ An exercise that will take you from swirling around in your monkey mind to tuned-in alignment

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More about Kerri:

Kerri Hummingbird, Soul Guide and host of Soul Nectar Show, is the #1 internationally best-selling author of "The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama" and the award-winning best-selling book "Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love" which describes the early years of her spiritual awakening.

Ms. Hummingbird inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with authenticity, passion, and purpose that positively impacts others. She catalyzes mind-shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom. Her newest book, already a #1 International bestseller, is called "Love Is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound" and describes the most direct path to spiritual enlightenment.



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Episode Transcript:

[00:00:00] Kc Rossi: Kerri, welcome to the show. I am so excited to dive in with you. I feel like after our initial chat that we have had some experience, our souls have traverse some similar circles in the past, so it was so easy. We got deep lickety-split. So I'm  

[00:00:54] excited for the sequel. 

[00:00:57] Kerri Hummingbird: Yes, me too. I'm very excited to see what comes forward from our [00:01:00] conversation today. 

[00:01:00] Kc Rossi: Yeah. Awesome. Sounds great. So before we dive in for folks that aren't familiar with you and your work in a nutshell what type of problems do you help solve?  

[00:01:13] Kerri Hummingbird: Essentially, what I do is I help people to reconnect with their authentic selves and to start a spiritual path. That is their unique conversation with the And along the process of that, there's lots of deconditioning from whatever was taught to that person about life that isn't working, cause usually there's, they're up against some kind of like this system that's supposed to work for everybody. It doesn't work for me and it's not right and I need to change it. 

[00:01:40] And so I give them tools for changing it and for stepping out into their own powerful medicine,  

[00:01:47] Kc Rossi: Yeah, I love that. Couple things with that, the deconditioning, I think, is such a huge piece. And I feel like when we're trying to fit into the mold of what's quote, unquote working or [00:02:00] apparently working, because we can be very persuaded by the Instagram glossy reels. But what apparently looks like it's working for everyone else. I think sometimes when. You're sensitive or just have a different aspect of where you are that, that normal blueprint doesn't work and that can make you feel broken. So I would love to hear a little bit of your thoughts, both on that, like that system of how to make it feel like, hey, wait, it's I'm not just this kind of like broken person. 

[00:02:34] Kerri Hummingbird: Yeah. I think that our identities, how we configure our identity. It starts off being based on what other people think of us, because we, when we're children, what our mother thinks of us and what our father thinks of us and our siblings is really important for our immediate sense of belonging and acceptance. 

[00:02:53] And if that kind of gets skewed for some reason, Which for most of us had, has for the [00:03:00] big, there's a big reason why we could talk about it if you want. There's a, that gets skewed. What happens is that we can get this sort of I love this. I can't remember the name of the inventor of it though, but there's this idea of different aspects of self. 

[00:03:11] I'll. Just say that. And there's one aspect that thinks, thanks, gosh. I am so broken. I'm so not wanted I'm so unloved and I can't figure out what I can do to get myself to be loved. And then usually there's like this up. side of you, that's no, that's like your cheerleader. 

[00:03:26] That's you're awesome. These people are crazy. You're the best. And so there's like these different aspects, right? You can have your cheerleader and your broken one and so the journey really is in like rectifying. You're not crazy. You're not broken. There's nothing wrong with you. And you do have things to heal. 

[00:03:44] So all of it at the same time, like you do have things to decondition, so you can come back to your authentic self that was there before you may be incarnated into your body and started getting programmed by others around you.  

[00:03:58] Kc Rossi: What do see as [00:04:00] like a very common resistance to that unveiling or the peeling back of the layers or the reconditioning. What do you think often, or what do you see often come up for people? That is like the stumbling block for them.  

[00:04:15] Kerri Hummingbird: The stumbling block is the innate, knowing that as you decondition yourself, you're taking yourself out of the systems that kept you feeling as if you belonged and as if you were loved somehow some crazy definition of love being controlled or coerced to conform into the way other people wanted you to be when you start to leave those systems Change. 

[00:04:40] And some people don't react very well to change. A lot of family systems are based on set it, forget it, like you're this label and you're in this box and ready to keep telling you this story over and over again. So you don't forget it. And nobody forgets who you are in this family system, because that's who you are. 

[00:04:56] The problem is if you're the one if the, who you are is the [00:05:00] scapegoat for the family. That is a crappy place to get stuck, and nobody wants you to move from that spot because in the family system, you're like the dumping ground. So it's oh it's fault. Yeah, it's no one so's fault. 

[00:05:11] And so everything just gets dumped off onto you that other people just don't want to deal with. And that's huge projections can happen inside family systems. As a mother, I'm savvy to that, because I experienced that in my own family. So like the tendencies to favor one over the other, or to make stories about the kids and to say, oh you're always like this. 

[00:05:31] Or you've always been like that. That has definitely happened. And because I was not conscious to it either because these are systems that, we're trained in it and then we just operate by default. Then we have to go back and rewire it and it's oh no, I'm not going to tell that story about you. That's not a fair. That's in no, let's tell a different story.  

[00:05:50] Kc Rossi: Yeah. I completely relate to that and we accept it as normal and it gets passed down through the generations because we're just modeling [00:06:00] what was ahead of us. And so I'm wondering what bravery point you experienced in your personal life before. you woke up to even meeting a new hardware or software system and creating a new pathway for yourself. 

[00:06:15] Kerri Hummingbird: I'm very hard-headed. I have been very hardheaded my whole life, so I needed to go all the way to the bottom, so I was in a, I was in an existential crisis, so I had taken, I had scapegoated myself, as the black sheep or whatever, responsible for everything all the way down into its conclusion, even including psychological diagnosis. 

[00:06:35] Saying just how broken I was. And I, just like I just needed to stay on a pill the rest of my life. Cause it was just no fixing me. And I was in a marriage that like confirmed that and in the family system that confirmed that I was always the problem. So for me, I had to leave my 20-year relationship. 

[00:06:52] I left my 20-year marriage and my kids were small. So I also created a divorce situation for my children. I had to branch out on [00:07:00] my own and. At first it was an, it was a gut response, impulse. Like this is the last stop. If I don't leave now, I might not make it. I might actually take my life. 

[00:07:12] So I had to leave that and start off on my own. And then within about. I don't know. It's six months. I had my first spiritual teacher and that teacher, we did the first thing that anybody had ever done with me through two decades of psychotherapy which was talk therapy and the person mostly taking notes. 

[00:07:32] This guy sat across from me and I started telling him my sob story about my victim story, what was happening. And he looked at me and he said, you're creating this.  

[00:07:39] Kc Rossi: Wow.  

[00:07:40] Kerri Hummingbird: What?.  

[00:07:41] Kc Rossi: That's powerful.  

[00:07:43] Kerri Hummingbird: What? Yeah. And so it was one of the first many moments of that twisting you mean I'm creating this. And I remember years later when I was undoing the year crazy story from my mom would always say, you're crazy. 

[00:07:57] You're just crazy. Everybody would say you're crazy. And I was like, it was such a [00:08:00] mantra in my family. And I remember. And she said to me one day along those lines, she's you're making this all up. It didn't happen the way you're saying. And all of a sudden I was like, I'm making this all up. 

[00:08:16] Yes. I am making this all up. You're right. I am. And I'm that powerful. I can create my reality based on what I'm making up. And so I'm going to make up some new stuff  

[00:08:25] Kc Rossi: I love it.  

[00:08:25] Kerri Hummingbird: That's what I started doing.  

[00:08:26] Kc Rossi: That's incredible. I love the truth-tellers. And I feel like our listeners are going to have moments like that too, that they're going to be like, yes, I had a time or the fork in the road when this person told me that. 

[00:08:39] And immediately when you were sharing that story and thank you for sharing it, I was thinking of a time when one of my earlier coaches like 10 minutes into our first session. One of the first times I invested like chunks of thousands. And I was like nervous and I was all excited and 10 minutes into our first session, she was like, oh, you're a martyr. 

[00:08:58] And I was like, oh [00:09:00] my God. It was like, I was like, I was shocked. I was like, oh my God. And I'm paying for this. And it was like this whole thing. And it was like one of those most pivotable moments where I was like, okay, I have to really look at this. Uncover this get to the root of it. So I love that people are out there being brave enough to be their truth tellers. 

[00:09:17] And then it gives us this impetus to be like, all right, now I can start this new journey. And like you said, create a new story, have more positive thinking thoughts, which are gonna really tie into our beliefs and actions. So I love that. And when we were talking earlier, You mentioned a connection between people that have had earlier experiences from their childhood or in earlier stages of this life that were the black sheep that were told that they were crazy, that they did feel certain aspects of themselves was broken or odd, and you connected it to something that was really intriguing to me, which you call the second wave. 

[00:09:57] And I would love it if you could just [00:10:00] illuminate what that means. And the correlation between the two.  

[00:10:04] Yeah, absolutely.  

[00:10:05] Kerri Hummingbird: The second wave is something that Dolores Cannon spoke about in her work. And if people aren't familiar with her, she actually had a life career. That led to the discovery of how to do deep hypnosis with people so that she could talk to their souls and ask questions. 

[00:10:20] Isn't that cool to talk to your soul and ask questions? And so when she started doing that, she interviewed like thousands of people under hypnosis and they started talking about the first wave I'm part of the first wave I'm part of the second wave and part of the third way. And she's what is this? 

[00:10:35] There she has. She has a whole book on it. My book is called "The Second Wave", transcending the human drama, because the people that I'm here to messenger and wake up. As a first priority are the second wave people. Now you might be the second wave. If your story sounds familiar to mine, I've been sharing with you, like you're you felt like you needed to help. 

[00:10:55] You felt like you came in Hey, I'm here to help. And then immediately we're saddled with it's all your [00:11:00] fault, like burden, scapegoat, and always felt like you saw things that other people didn't see. Like you understand things about love or relationship that other people just don't seem to understand. 

[00:11:09] And. Like you're like, why are people so mean? Basically, like, why not do these things? I don't get it. I wasn't born with that mean gene. I don't know what that is. I don't understand why people are so mean. And but everyone else is don't you just get it? You feel like the new kid on the block, and so why did that all happen is because the second wave is made up of a lot of different kinds of souls, some souls that have not been on this planet a bunch, but they have expertise in higher consciousness for other species. This sounds a little bit wild for some people it may be, the idea of aliens landing on this planet that would never happen. 

[00:11:45] And we could all understand why aliens would never land on this planet as their true alien form, because humanity would try to take them out as we've seen in many movies. They would consider them the enemy and be like, you're outta here, I'm killing you. But if you're in a human suit, and you [00:12:00] look human and you've had a human life and you've experienced it, then you're a little bit more palatable to people as like an Emissary of, Hey, this is how to like, get through this human experience with more grace. 

[00:12:10] And so some of the second wave might be what people would call angels or people would call, light beings from other planets and chose to come here at this time in the great awakening to help support humanity and basically being coming part of the star nations. But we have some work to do. 

[00:12:25] Obviously we could see the collective, we have a few more lessons to move through before we're accepted, into that level of awareness. "The Second Wave" book talks a lot about the different things that we can practice as humans to, to elevate ourselves into higher consciousness so that we can be part of this star nations as human beings. 

[00:12:41] And we don't just get wiped off the face of this planet, which is also, not a very big possibility at this point, although it looks like it is it's actually not as big as it looks, but we do have to do work.  

[00:12:50] Kc Rossi: [00:13:00] Yeah,  

[00:13:39] 100% and I do feel, and I'm hearing more and more talk about feminine, rising. 

[00:13:44] It definitely is coming up in my work as well. And so I'm wondering how you see that kind of opening up as we continue to move beyond 2021 and into next year and into even future years.  

[00:13:59] How [00:14:00] do you see that feminine,  

[00:14:02] rising elevating and changing and morphing.  

[00:14:06] Kerri Hummingbird: Yes. There's a big healing that's happening on the planet. 

[00:14:09] Now, my last book was called "Love is fierce, healing the mother wound" that addressed this essential healing that's happening, which is healing the mother wound on the planet. The planet is our mother and we have neglected her. And we have neglected the planet in the biggest sense that you can look around and see examples of how we've polluted. 

[00:14:27] We've, we've pillaged, there's a lot of things we've done that have created huge imbalances in the Earth's ecosystem, which is one of the reasons why we're having so many challenges on the earth right now with global warming and things like that. But the, our bodies too. Our bodies are made of earth. 

[00:14:42] So when we think about what is the feminine is our bodies. Each person has a body that is mother earth, and then your spirit is coming down into that body. And that's called embodiment. And in the embodiment process, you've got to face a lot of divine, feminine aspects of yourself, such as [00:15:00] feelings, such as your body. 

[00:15:02] Movement, Breath, get in your body. And so this is the next level for anybody who's been meditating for a while and got down. Like I can escape my body anytime I want. I can get way out there and zoned out and meditation, awesome. Next part, you got to get back in the body, that's how you awaken. 

[00:15:20] That's actually awakened. Awakening is like embodiment. So it's the union. It's the divine kiss between the masculine and the feminine, the masculine spirit, the feminine earth, and we're becoming one inside each of us. This is what Jesus, the other great masters did. And the opportunity is here for anybody now to become that level of enlightenment right at this age of Aquarius. 

[00:15:41] So that's what we're.  

[00:15:43] Kc Rossi: Totally speaking my language, my coaching is called the soul print method. It is truly about that perfect balance and synergy of the masculine and the feminine energy. So I think we're cut from a very similar cloth, which is really cool. To you if you could share a little bit about [00:16:00] transcending that human drama, I feel like it sounds so delicious and also elusive at the same time. 

[00:16:07] Kerri Hummingbird: It's actually. Yeah. There's a lot of advice in the book about that. "The Second Wave" book, there's one chapter in particular that a couple of themes actually that I'll share one theme is a shift in perspective that really helps. And that is from conformity model conformity based systems into. This idea of the thumbprint journey, the unique thumbprint. So all of us know we have unique thumbprints as above, so below, as in, as out that is not by mistake. We have unique thumbprints to remind us that we are unique. So there's never, ever going to be another person like you on the planet ever before or after you. 

[00:16:43] The only one that ever will be Kc, only one with your life journey and your set of conditions and your potentials. And so if you don't explore your Kc thumbprint suit, nobody else ever will. And all the gifts that were [00:17:00] locked up inside, it will stay locked up inside there. And this is true for everybody who's listening. 

[00:17:04] So that unique thumbprint is a huge key. And it's the opposite of what many people have been conditioned to believe is the path to being like a good. Or worthy of heaven. So actually being worthy of heaven is the opposite of what a lot of training is. You actually have to get curious. You have to explore yourself, you have to try things. 

[00:17:22] You've got to trust your intuition. You've got to lean in. You've got to listen to your higher guidance, your soul, your capital S self that's like huge. So there's that huge shifts that you. I understand why people might be resistant to it is because they've been told that if they explore their intuition and if they ask questions, they're somehow bad. 

[00:17:42] and are going to go to hell. There's a whole big part of the population that were trained in that way, and it's just flat out wrong. So as we move forward into the age of Aquarius we're getting launched into this age right now. And so it's pretty turbulent, because of the, just the. 

[00:17:57] click hairpin turn. We're doing like we're [00:18:00] doing this hairpin turn and go in the other way. That it causes friction and it causes fear and it provokes all these ideas. And so as a person who's awake to that, the way you can be in service to other people who are stuck in those old models is to have a courageous heart. 

[00:18:19] So the courageous heart is really about opening your heart. Having compassion for the other person empathizing with the fact that they've been domesticated in some way to have some fear about whatever it is you're that you've realized is totally normal and perfect and beautiful. They've been trained it's bad. 

[00:18:37] And to have that compassion, that this person is still asleep in that old model of disempowerment and haven't has not discovered their inner power. And just really bring yourself there. Now, this is not easy work. This is where the rubber meets the road. It's not esoteric at all. 

[00:18:51] It looks like deep breaths instead of saying something, it looks like  

[00:18:54] Kc Rossi: it's so practical. And I love how practical for that, because I think sometimes if this [00:19:00] is new information, which I think for a lot of our listeners, it's not because we have a really tuned in tapped in audience. But if it is for somebody it's, it could feel like very. 

[00:19:09] Woo and airy. And so I love that you're grounding it because it's super practical. And a lot of these things are very simple and I, to your point of embodiment, that is like the key that unlocks it, so I love that. And you already answered the next question that was bubbling up in my mind, which was just, how do you stay so convicted in this passion despite cancel culture? 

[00:19:31] Because there is this bravery. Courageous heart, as you're speaking of, to be unapologetic, to say things that may actually go against the grain right now in today's world. And you still are, you're doing it. You're still showing up yourself. You're showing up for the people that are meant to hear your message. 

[00:19:48] So you just, I could feel your passion and what you just said before, but if there's anything else you want to riff on that vein, I  

[00:19:54] would love to hear your. 

[00:19:56] Kerri Hummingbird: Yeah. Stepping out of conformity. If you can see the bigger picture of it, [00:20:00] then you can see any personal challenges you might have around that as part of your own growth path to embodying your sovereignty on the planet. 

[00:20:08] So you can see it as part of your soul's curriculum, which might give you a different view than your human view. And if you can see it from that view, then you can say, oh my human. not belonging right now. My human is experiencing being shunned. My human is experiencing being abandoned. And as my soul self, my soul, knowing I can comfort my human self to say, there is a greater belonging for you right now. 

[00:20:31] There is a greater oneness that's coming and it's on the other side of you embracing your sovereignty. And so I'm like whatever human ideas there are about making people like unified. Forcing unification. That is not the right unification. The unification is a natural by-product of stepping into your sovereignty. 

[00:20:52] And one example of that, just to make it really clear is that, like when we hop on these broadcasts, like Kc, We met for literally 30 minutes. We're like, oh yeah, we're [00:21:00] talking the same language. Bam. And we could just do the, we don't have to, we're not rehearsing anything. 

[00:21:03] We don't have to rehearse it. It's just, it's flowing through us naturally. And we're aligned because the divine is aligning us. So the other way. You might. I remember years ago, if I got hopped on the phone with somebody new I'd feel awkward and I feel unsure of myself and I'd be, wondering, is this person gonna, like what I'm saying? 

[00:21:21] I was totally in my personality, self. So awkwardness is a sign of being in personality. Certainty inside yourself as a sign of being in your soul, not to say that Kc and I are going to be completely aligned on everything, but that we're at a certain level of alignment where what we're saying, we're the messages that we're individually getting is what the whole is getting who's tuning in. 

[00:21:41] So you can get it to everybody who tunes in it's going to get similar messages and then have this flow experience where, we're talking the same language. Getting the same thoughts and we're tuned into this organism that is unified already, but until we get there, we're going to be awkward and wondering if we're there yet. 

[00:21:59] It's like an [00:22:00] orgasm, I wondered for years if I had one. And then I had one at 42 and I was like, oh, I never had one before. This is what it is. Yeah.  

[00:22:09] Kc Rossi: And I love that. And I feel like this excitement and this juicy heart store, just speaking with you. And so it's it is exciting. 

[00:22:17] And I feel our cells are just vibrating at a very similar frequency. And so they're excited that they get new friends.  

[00:22:25] Kerri Hummingbird: Yeah, new friends. So don't worry too much about the rejection part. That's a necessary part to go through. I went through the reject. My whole family rejected me on my journey of spiritual awakening. 

[00:22:34] There was a few years where everybody turned their backs on me. And luckily in that time I had new communities, new friends. I had my husband came into my life, my new, my second husband. And so it was like I had the universe is going to provide you with what you need. You're never going to be completely alone. 

[00:22:50] You never are anyway. So you have to risk it. You have to be like, you know what it's going to be all right. And on the other side of the transformation, when you're solidly in yourself, your actual, authentic [00:23:00] self in your relaxed, your state of being and your self-mastery and creating a safe space for yourself, creates a safe space for others. 

[00:23:08] And those people will come back in that are meant to come back in. So like my mom and I, we have a better relationship than we ever had before. On the other side of my transformation, we actually understand each other. Now it's wow, okay, we're talking. You're seeing me, I'm seeing you like, this is great, and none of that old awkward field, fears that I used to have, it's just that part's not there anymore. 

[00:23:27] Kc Rossi: That's such a beautiful thing. Very encouraging for people that are continuing to diverse the journey and having all these stages within. And I'm really curious for listeners that are saying, I love this, I'm digging it, but I am disconnected right now. I want to go from having this monkey mind and being awkward and maybe being in victim stories. 

[00:23:48] And I want to have this tuned in alignment and this kind of connection to myself, to others, and to serve in this greater transition. What is something that they can start today after [00:24:00] listening to this episode? What do they need to do and press pause and go right  

[00:24:04] into it. 

[00:24:05] Kerri Hummingbird: Yeah, absolutely. I would say longer term, it's helpful to be part of a community because you have to be around the energy of other people that are already in the space. 

[00:24:14] It just helps to catalyze that growth potential in yourself. And because it is a hard journey, I've watched some of my students get, it are really trapped in monkey mind, even in the community, struggle to stay present, and it's so uncomfortable and I used to feel this way as well. 

[00:24:31] So one of the things that early things that I started learning that really helped me a lot is I would go outside and sit on the earth just sit. barefoot, butt on the earth. And of course I don't put chemicals on my lawn. So just that's a side note. Like I'm not sitting in toxins, I'm sitting in fresh grass, so I sit on my lawn and I'll sit there for hours, and practice meditating outside hand over heart, hand over belly is just another really good [00:25:00] technique for, because that takes the energy channels in your hands and rebalances your nervous system, using the electrical channels of your head. 

[00:25:08] Because most of the time, your monkey mind is like that is because your whole nervous system is out of whack and you just need to rebalance, and so the earth grounding and the hands over heart hand over belly that will really support it. And then deep breathing through your belly, not like shallow chest breathing that many women have been taught to do like hardly take any air and just enough, try not to be here at all. Just try to take no space whatsoever. No, it's take a huge belly breath. You know, let your belly expand and be pregnant with breath and  

[00:25:35] Kc Rossi: yeah, I'm laughing because I can completely relate. I feel like I've been sucking it in my whole entire life.  

[00:25:42] Kerri Hummingbird: Totally. 

[00:25:43] We're taught to that's one of the conditionings, and it's no, unfurl yourself, take up space, breathe. Let your hair down. Just take up your space, claim your space. I'm always telling people, claim your space claim your space. Oh,  

[00:25:56] Kc Rossi: man, I love that we really need a bumper sticker for that. 

[00:25:59] Thank you [00:26:00] so much for all the work that you're doing for sharing this message and for really being brave to step into your sovereignty, because as you said before, and I'm a firm believer of that, it inspires others to do the same. Because, like you're paving the way I really feel this light leadership is a gift. 

[00:26:17] So truly from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for the work that you do.  

[00:26:21] Kerri Hummingbird: Thank you, Kc, and right back at you.  

[00:26:23] Kc Rossi: Yeah,  

[00:26:24] absolutely. So Kerri, let me know and let the listeners know like how they can take a step closer to you and your world.  

[00:26:32] Absolutely  

[00:26:33] Kerri Hummingbird: what my website has everything available for all my upcoming programs. 

[00:26:37] I do a one-year program. I do a six month program for awakening, the mother goddess, and the one year programs more of Indian shamanism program for claiming your inner medicine. Those are at, K E R R I And I have my own show over there, which Kc is going to be on. 

[00:26:54] That's currently called "Soul Nectar Show", although it might be called the Kerri hummingbird show soon.  

[00:26:58] Kc Rossi: Excited. I feel like [00:27:00] such it, it's going to be such a treat to have another conversation with you. So I'm thrilled. I will link up  

[00:27:04] your website in the show notes. And then when our episode airs, I'll put that right together with the show notes too. And yeah, I'm so excited. I wish you all the luck. Not that you need it, but I can't wait to see what further blossoms as  

[00:27:18] the time continues. 

[00:27:20] Thank you, Kc.  

[00:27:21] Yeah. Thank you so much until next time, my friend breathe joy. 


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