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Trish Taylor: Personal Style Expert


Here are the highlights of my interview with Trish Taylor: Personal Stylist Expert on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Trish Taylor?

From small-town girl to celebrity stylist to female empowerment coach, Trish Taylor is a personal stylist expert.

She’s dressed stars like Ariana Grande, Kerry Washington, and Zendaya, but now has found a passion helping women entrepreneurs. 

Trish uses style as a tool to create self-confidence and amplify solopreneurs brand message. She’s passionate about helping women not only look better but feel better in the body that they have now.

She advises “commit to only wearing clothes that you love!”


Lightbulb moment

After long days and nights styling for celebrities on the red carpet, Trish realized that something was lacking for her. Despite the glamorous Los Angeles buzz, she was missing a connection.

After taking a psychology course, she was determined to bring more of a holistic approach to her offerings and help women feel good about themselves from the inside out.


Shining a bright light

Coming from a family of 9 to 5’ers, Trish had to take a leap of faith to enter into the world of entrepreneurship. Shifting her mindset helped. Settling into the fact that she knew that she was put here to serve gave her the fuel to embark on the solopreneur journey.


Overcoming darkness

In the beginning, Trish battled with her own insecurities - both in her appearance and comparing herself with other stylists in her industry.

It was easy to create packages that mimicked others that had more experience than her.

She’s thankful that those initial growing pain years are behind her.

Through crystallizing her unique brand message and developing offerings that were more aligned with her target audience, she was able to release the feeling that she needed to be “like” others in her field.

In finding my own clarity for my business, I’ve helped my clients find clarity as well.


Big truth

The solopreneur is often neglected in the personal styling arena. Trish says it’s even more important for the online business women to show up across social media and in professional photoshoots in a way that accurately shows her brand.


Trish’s brilliant tips

  • Always dress the body that you have right now.
  • Create a small capsule wardrobe that fits your body type, personality, and lifestyle (like a pair of dark wash denim, a blazer, a few layers, a well-fitting bra, etc.).
  • Show up for yourself confidently every day.


I loved my time with Trish because

I stand behind her mission to help women become self-confident in the body that they have now. Her teachings include mindset work and tools to create a signature style so we can be the best version of ourselves. Amen!

Connect with Trish:  https://www.trishtaylorstyling.com/

Lastly, consider joining her upcoming challenge which begins on May 13th: https://www.trishtaylorstyling.com/stylediary


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