What is your Ministry?

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You don’t have to wait for the New Year to set intentions. In reality, each day is an opportunity for rebirth, redefining strategies, goal setting, and most importantly for turning inward to connect with our truest, soul desires.

Carrying forth of your mission

For me, the word “ministry” is not necessarily religious even though we often associate it as such. What comes to mind is a bit more expansive — it includes our intentions, how we build our teams, grow our tribes, and continue to offer a bright light to those around us. I think about it in ways in which we grow personally and flourish spiritually.

With the progressing times, I predict that we will see a change in how we approach work.

People are waking up to the fact that just “showing up” to their job is not enough. They‘re seeking true fulfillment that sprouts from an integration of utilizing skills, tapping into our hearts, AND making a difference in the world.

We spend at least a third of our existence devoted to our work realm. How would you feel if you were in faithful service during that time?

It hasn’t been like this for most.

Changing a strong pattern isn’t usually easy, but you can see a movement of mindfulness across almost every platform…which is a beautiful thing.

If you‘re wondering how to increase your connection to yourself and your community here are some powerful questions that can bring forth clarity and purpose:

  1. How do I show up in the world?
  2. Who do I serve on my path?
  3. What fuels my drive?
  4. Where do I spread my message/service?
  5. Why do I continue to do what I do?

Focusing on how we want to feel at the end of the day helps us to make better decisions and stride toward that direction. Remembering and tuning into our unique, soul purpose will be an instrumental guide as we proceed forward.

If fear is something that‘s holding you back from living out your ministry, here’s an audio that can help.

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