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Why a Growth Mindset Is the Fastest Way to Mastery

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The truth is, you can’t have success without a positive, and growth-oriented mindset.

Think about it for a moment. Do you think it would be possible to thrive and achieve if you were someone that saw the glass half empty? If cynicism was your default mode or you crashed and burned if something didn’t go your way? I don’t!

The cool thing is mindset - which is a collection of your thoughts, beliefs, philosophy, and worldview can be refined. Actually, I’d go so far as to say even trained.

So that means it’s not a select few that were gifted a strong and vibrant outlook on life, but something that each one of us can learn to cultivate. And no matter how we were raised or how deep some of our internal wounds are, we have the power to shift our perception. To reframe and rise.

I look at it as a practice. And we know, and science confirms that what we repeat becomes a habit. If we learn to recognize thoughts that are not supportive or even limiting us from truly becoming who we are meant to be, we can flip the script.

It’s not about shaming ourselves for thinking a negative or critical thought. It’s about recognizing it and getting more adept at turning it around. Looking for the growth opportunity, embracing the lesson, and moving on.

Now if you’re the analytical type, you may be programmed to access risk. You may even think you’re just being realistic, and pragmatic. And that’s cool. Yet, when it comes to thriving and optimizing black and white thinking won’t serve you to the fullest.

According to Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, who is a leading mindset expert, there are 2 types of mindsets - a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

A fixed mindset is one that is that black and white thinking - your either good at something or you’re not, you win or you fail, it’s good or it’s bad. Period end of the story.

A growth mindset is one with much more fluidity and openness. It’s an opportunity outlook, and a love of learning and improving.

Like the famous Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right.” Your mindset is creating your destiny on a moment-by-moment basis.

Your mindset has the power to govern your success.

Mindset is the #1 way to mastery.

Mastery in anything. Mastery in our personal lives, which would look like fulfilling and loving relationships and community. Mastery in our business world, which would look like soul-aligned and profitable work. Mastery on a global scale would look like creating an impact, leaving a legacy, and spreading a positive message that inspired others to do the same.

I know if you’re listening to this that mediocre is not enough. That just getting by is not going to cut it for you. I love that about you! I agree! A so-so life is boring, stale, and doesn’t help us achieve greatness.

To master anything, to truly have a deep, comprehensive understanding we have to be willing to try and try again. To embrace the learning process so that we become so proficient at it, that mastery is inevitable.

This my friend will make you stand out in the crowded marketplace. This will carve out your unique lane of expertise.

What are you currently mastering?

How can you cultivate a growth mindset to help you hit the target more often and with more ease and flow?

What I think a lot of people take for granted is the ability to harness our minds. We do not have to be controlled by our thoughts and the natural tendency towards what could go wrong in a situation. That will awareness and

Here’s an example. Years ago, I was in a business partnership that spanned 2 decades. It was awesome. We complemented each other and in that our strength was multiplied. When we sold our last business and I ventured into solopreneurship I had a fixed mindset that I wasn’t funny or personable.

Those were the strengths of my partner which allowed me for years to be the behind-the-scenes part of the process. So the repeated habit of being the buttoned-up professional one also became my mindset. It wasn’t until I started doing deep work on professional development for business did I begin to melt those old patterns.

And more importantly, create new mental grooves prooving otherwise. I had to be willing to embrace change. I needed to be willing to release a label. And also be willing to step out of my comfort zone to achieve different results.

It’s a process no doubt. But one that’s approached with the right state of mind can be exciting. It’s thrilling to bust old grooves. It’s satisfying to see a challenge not through the lens of fear but through a lens of opportunity.

Just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean you can’t learn it.

Just because you never did something that way doesn’t mean you can’t try.

This applies to tasks like web development and copywriting as well. These business building blocks are not one and done items on a checklist. As we grow and change so do the creative assets that surround our brand.

When we embrace the ebb and flow of never-ending change and continuous improvement we will be on the best success path going!

Natures aren’t fixed or static. It’s always changing, growing, morphing, transforming, transitioning, etc.

We can learn a lot by observing our surroundings. I have these magnificent 75-foot spruce trees in my backyard. When the wind blows they dance and sway. I often watch and am in awe of their flexibility. They aren’t rigid. If they were, they would break and cease to exist.

A growth mindset is our opportunity to exercise fluidity and grace. Failure is our opportunity to learn and come back stronger. Cultivate enthusiasm to start shifting old paradigms into your new reality.

To mastery!

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