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You’re Absolutely Worth It with Velera Wilson


Do you find yourself settling for less than you desire - whether it’s in your personal life with relationships or in your professional life with your business associations or both?

I sat down with author, speaker, and coach Velera Wilson to discuss how female entrepreneurs can anchor in that they are absolutely worth going after their big dreams!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to change your limiting patterns, see yourself in a different light, and step into your power.
  • How to overcome feelings of unworthiness and shift into “enoughness.”
  • The difference between a short term strategy and the long term game when it comes to your pay/salary.
  • What makes a great strategic thinker.
  • A big idea from her new book, You’re Absolutely Worth It.
  • How to pivot gracefully.

More about Velera:

Velera Wilson is a speaker, author, and coach who helps ambitious women lead with confidence in their career, relationships, and everyday life, having spent over fifteen years leading marketing strategy and driving millions in revenue for Fortune 100 and 500 brands.

Her upcoming book, You're Absolutely Worth It, gives women the fiery inspiration and practical advice to help them push through the fear, say yes to themselves, and approach life with greater confidence – regardless of where they've come from, or where they want to go.

Connect with Velera:

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