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Echo Huang: The American Dream

Aug 06, 2020

In this episode, Kc interviews Echo Huang.
Echo Huang left China at age twenty to cross the ocean with nothing but $800 and the hope of achieving the American Dream. Her courage and dedication fueled her journey through the business world over the next twenty years, gaining experience working in financial planning firms of all sizes before venturing off on her own.

Today, as founder and President of Echo Wealth Management with multiple designations such as CFP®, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license, and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter, Echo helps the country's top executives and entrepreneurs take the complexity out of their finances, giving them the confidence to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

Kc and Echo discuss:
Echo's Journey And Her Investment Path
Listen to Echo share her story and how her love for numbers and investing began. She also reveals the importance of taking complicated ideas and breaking them down into simple and actionable...

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Camilla Jeffs: Steady Stream Investments

Jul 30, 2020

In this episode, Kc interviews Camilla Jeffs.

Camilla Jeffs has built and grown three businesses and has ideas for more daily! As a mother of five children, she is passionate about teaching her children entrepreneurship skills and opening their minds to non-traditional paths.

Camilla holds an MBA and is skilled in business development, asset and portfolio management, market analysis, economic and demographic trends, asset acquisition and exit strategies, and negotiations. She raises millions of dollars for apartment acquisitions and orchestrates group investments so investors receive all the benefits of investing in real estate such as cash flow, tax write-offs, and appreciation without all the hassles of being a landlord.

Kc and Camilla talk discuss:
What Drives Camilla's Passion For Wealth and Her Investment Trifecta
Camilla reveals why financially empowered women are a force for good and then listen to her investing trifecta which includes financial, social, and environmental...

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Laura Wright: Epic Sales

Jul 23, 2020

In this episode, Kc talks with Laura Wright.
With over two decades in sales, Laura has helped many different types of businesses grow and prosper. She has helped over 4,800 artists sell tens of thousands of work, selling and filling multi-million dollar events, turning over 6 figure profits on repeat in real estate, and more recently growing her client's businesses from $250k in revenue to over $1.2 million in approximately 2 years.

In Laura's world, sales aren't sleazy, they are EPIC - Enjoyable, Profitable, Intentional, and Conscious. Learn more on this episode!

Kc and Laura discuss:
Laura's Epic Sales Philosophy; Her Formula for Success
Here is the first step to a great sales experience. Connection. Listen to the rest of Laura's 5 tips for success and how to make sales feel easy.

Importance of Overcoming Objections
There is a difference between being sleazy with sales and knowing when and how your product will improve their lives. Laura gives you examples of potential client...

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Margy Feldhuhn: Interview Connections

Jul 16, 2020

In this episode, Kc interviews Margy Feldhuhn.

Margy is the co-owner of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. Margy and her business partner Jessica lead an in-house staff of 18 employees in their Rhode Island office, and have successfully scaled the agency to 7 figures.

Margy is active in animal rescue, and organizes a yearly fundraiser called Art for Animals. In 2019 she was recognized for her efforts with a "Humane Heroes" award. When she’s not busy rescuing pets in need, you can find her listening to true crime podcasts or strolling around town with her blind Maltese, Harold.

Kc and Margy Discuss:
Boundaries Between Professionalism and Authenticity
How can you infuse your authentic voice and still remain professional? Remember that your podcast is a platform and that your topics still need to be thought out before releasing. Listen to find out more.

What Makes a Podcast and Host Stand Out?
There are 700,000 podcasts right now. Learn more...

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Mia Hewett: Meant For More

Jul 09, 2020

In this episode, Kc talks with Mia Hewett.

Mia Hewett is a Best Selling Author who helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs stop secretly struggling, and live in alignment with their dreams so that they can scale to 6 and 7-figures the fast way.

Mia is the founder of Aligned Intelligence™, a methodology that removes all blind spots, fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. This is what allows her clients to make accurate decisions, work smarter, not harder, so they maximize their results in less time, feeling "free to be Me” living the life they’ve always known they were meant for!

In this episode Kc and Mia discuss:

Mia's Journey -
How Mia went from growing up in a self-described poor family to multi-million dollar entrepreneur. She opens up about her childhood, how it impacted her personal and professional life, the reason behind needing to ask "why," and how it took her from surviving to thriving.

How You Can Uncover What's Holding You Back - Nothing is happening to you....

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Sara Eisenberg: A Life of Practice

Jul 02, 2020

In this episode, Kc talks with Sara Eisenberg.

Sara Eisenberg is a healer, herbalist, activist and elder. A life-long learner, Sara draws on her many years of questioning, practice, training, and experience as a guide, facilitator and educator in community, academic, and spiritually-based settings. She is the founder of A Life of Practice, her online home where she integrates her work in Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, Herbal Medicine and Radical Inclusion with A Life of Practice©. She meets with clients in her Baltimore office and online.

Many significant life experiences took place around the same time for Sara, and during that time those experiences led her to healing and herbal studies, which brought her more deeply into her body and the body of the world than she thought possible. With the Freddy Gray uprising in Baltimore in 2015 and the 2016 election, Sara has circled around, researching, experimenting on herself and in community to apply the consciousness tools of her...

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Sallie Holder - Hitting Rock Middle

Jun 25, 2020

In this episode, Kc talks with Sallie Holder.

Sallie Holder, acclaimed bestselling author of “Hitting Rock Middle: The Roadmap From Empty Success To True Fulfillment” (Advantage 2020), podcast host, and founder of The BRIMM. She is a sought after coach, speaker, trainer, and guide to her clients breaking out of their silent scream in success and into true fulfillment.

As a nationally-recognized public speaker and business coach, Sallie has spent more than fifteen years helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and employees identify what’s getting in their way and then breaking down those barriers to success.

In this episode, we discuss:

What Is Rock Middle? Sallie coined the term, "Rock Middle" to describe how you feel when you're at a middle place in your career and don't feel fulfilled, but you still have what people see as external success. How can we have internal and external success? Learn how to move beyond those stuck feelings and empower yourself.


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Kami Guildner: #RaiseUp

Jun 18, 2020

In this episode, Kc talks with Kami Guildner.

Kami believes women’s voices matter. She is a connector. A storyteller. A business coach for women.  Kami’s entrepreneurial journey was sparked by the breath of a horse over a decade ago. This magical epiphany moment led Kami to discover her purpose of leading changemaker women to give voice to their most important messages and create a ripple effect of worldly impact.

Kami weaves soulful-inspiration into mindful business strategies, helping her clients up-level their business. With decades of leadership, marketing, strategic planning, and business growth expertise, Kami guides her clients to master their marketing, money, and mindset. Kami’s soulful spirit leads her clients to unleash their magical manifestation powers and live out loud fueled with vitality and courage.

In This Episode We Discuss:

Kami's Journey
We talk about how Kami found her inner truth and stepped into her power after a special moment...

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Catherine Calmes: From Chaotic to Coordinated

Jun 11, 2020

In this episode, Kc talks with Catherine Calmes.

Catherine is a Certified Director of Operations who helps online business owners by providing operational planning and team leadership so their business can run efficiently. She uses her background in home organizing, workplace productivity, and managerial experience to help make the vision for your business a reality.

Catherine’s goal is for you to be able to accomplish more in less time so that you can scale your business to the next level. Your business will flow with ease and you will feel confident about what your team can accomplish.

In This Episode We Discuss:

How Catherine Can Take Your Big Business Idea and Make It Reality
Breaking it down into actionable pieces, building blocks, and what you need whether or not you hire someone like Catherine.

Pillars of Communication and Leadership
Honesty. Trust. Respect. Communication. We discuss what makes a great leader, how to find and build confident leaders, and how you can...

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Jennifer Longmore: Soul Journeys

Jun 04, 2020

In this episode, Kc talks with Jennifer Longmore.

Jennifer is the CEO of Soul Journeys, elite business coach, best selling author, podcaster, and world-renowned as a leading authority on soul purpose.

After more than 15 years and 30,000 sessions as a business coach, she has helped athletes, celebrities, CEOs, and many more to shine their light and enjoy the journey. Soul journeys helps you align to your purpose, heal your money story, and raise wealth consciousness and create purpose-driven businesses.

You can find her recording her first season of "7 Figure Club," a high vibe show of expert guidance to generate 7 figures and build sustainable wealth in a way that lights up your soul.

In This Episode We Discuss:

Jennifer's Soul Journey
Jennifer shares how she discovered her gift, eventually embraced her calling, how she shares her gift with people, and what that means.

How Jennifer Turned A Pause Into Permission
We talk about how Jennifer's plans were put on hold by global...

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