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4 Ways to Be More Decisive

Jul 01, 2019

I was watching The Good Wife on Netflix and the two law partners were trying to decide if they should rent additional floors in their building to expand the practice. They went back and forth about it, and then one of them finally said: “Whenever the last partner couldn’t decide something, he always went back to the mission statement.” The other partner replied, “What mission statement?!?”

That gave me a chuckle and got me thinking about the ways we can support ourselves when it comes to decision making.

Here are 4 ways to be more decisive:

1. Declare Your Mission and Create a Vision Statement

To clarify, Wikipedia states:

A mission statement describes an organization’s purpose and answers the questions: “What business are we in?” and “What is our business for?” A vision statement provides strategic direction and describes what the owner or founder wants the company to...
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Cylvia Hayes: Empowerment Coach

Jun 25, 2019

Here are the highlights of my interview with Cylvia Hayes: Certified Empowerment Coach on Women Developing Brilliance® .

Who is Cylvia Hayes?

Cylvia Hayes is a Certified Empowerment Coach and Trainer, an award-winning environmental and anti-poverty activist and the former First Lady of Oregon. She helps people at mid-life reinvent their lives, careers, and identities and reclaim peace, power, and purpose. A committed social change-maker, she is founder and CEO of 3EStrategies and Cylvia Hayes Enterprises. Her book, When Life Blows Up: Peace, Power, and Reinvention will be out soon!

Cylvia has led a very unconventional life – starting out as a cowgirl and farm kid, surviving deep trauma, winding up on her own at 16, working as a heavy equipment operator and playing scholarship soccer to pay for becoming a first-generation college graduate. Later founding successful businesses, traveling to over 20 countries (so far), being appointed by governors and even serving...

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Business Coaching Defined

Jun 17, 2019

Business Coaching is transformational.

Years ago, one of the only resources for the solopreneur was the Small Business Association, and they would help a new business owner craft a traditional business plan.

Times have changed.

Nowadays, there are thousands of experts that support entrepreneurs so that they can meet the demands of what it takes to own and operate a successful, growing business. Among those experts, are business coaches.

Wikipedia states, “Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. The word “coaching” identifies a process used to transport people from where they are to where they want to be.”

I like that for a basic definition of coaching. Of course, there are various forms, styles, and processes. Keep in mind, a business coach can have a specialty and focus solely on executive planning,...

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Elli Runkles: Sales + Launch Copywriter

Jun 10, 2019

Here are the highlights of my interview with Elli Runkles: Sales + Launch Copywriter on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Elli Runkles?

Elli Runkles is a Sales + Launch Copywriter for coaches and creative entrepreneurs at, and creator of the Copywriter on Call program. She helps her clients from solopreneurs to 7-figure business owners harness the power of written words in order to boldly declare their value and attract more of their ideal clients. Elli is on a mission to empower women business owners to banish their fear of being “salesy” and learn how to use copywriting to sell with ease and empathy.

 Lightbulb moment

There wasn’t 1 exact “light bulb” moment per se that brought Elli to this career.

She contributes coming to her niche through a series of events on a very windy road.

Knowing she didn’t want the conventional 9-5 pm kind of life is what drove her to relocate from the US to Madrid, Spain.

Elli says you just...

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My Truth

Jun 03, 2019

Whenever there are celestial events (equinoxes, full moons, meteor showers, etc.) I always take note.

Most of us are not above the influence of astronomy.

In that, it’s usually a time for great reflection, change, tweaks in perspective…

How am I showing up in the world?Do things feel like they are in balance?What can I release to make space?

These are just a few questions that trail across my mind.

Today is the Full Moon.

I’m a Taurus girl, through and through (practical, persistent, stubborn).

I’m giving extra attention to personal development at this time (because it just feels right).

In my quiet reflection, I’ve nailed a big truth for me.

I’m in the Transformation business.

It’s so fulfilling to see a shift in a client when something finally clicks. When they sink into their power. When they realize their worth. When their life’s passion manifests into their very first course offering. When we build something out of an idea that...

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Kristin Jones: Emotional Eating Expert

May 28, 2019

Here are the highlights of my interview with Kristin Jones: Emotional Eating Expert on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Kristin Jones?

Kristin is the owner of Kristin Jones Coaching. She specializes in helping women address and manage issues with emotional eating and helps them develop a healthy relationship with food that doesn’t involve counting calories or dieting.

Kristin’s hope is to share her knowledge and first-hand experiences with women in order to empower them to truly embrace and love who they are and to learn what they need in order to live their best life ever.

Lightbulb moment

Kristin can remember as far back as age 7 that she was using food to self-soothe. By age 16, she had an “official” eating disorder. But it wasn’t until she was in her 30’s that she admitted to herself and it still took another 15 years until she could actually label her dysfunctional relationship with food as “emotional eating.”


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3 Ways Forest Bathing Can Enhance Your Business

May 20, 2019

Never tried forest bathing before? You may have found a new way to relieve stress!

Recently, I saw a Facebook event posted for forest bathing in my area. I figured, I love nature, so why not!

What was surprising to me was when one of our guides shared that even businesses were turning to this 30-year-old wellness technique from Japan, also known as Shinrin-yoku.

So what is forest bathing?

Shinrin-yoku translates to “taking in the forest atmosphere.” Forest bathing is the act of being mindful along a leisurely walk in nature. Our tour explored the Seneca Point Gully in Canandaigua, NY, which had sweet waterfalls at the end.

We were given “invitations” along the way to get into the moment and slow our minds down. An invitation example was to observe water; its motion, qualities, feel, etc. Each offering was around 15–20 minutes long, ample time to experience our surroundings and how we interacted with them.

The exercises can even be tailored to your...

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Karyn Danielle: Lead Better Now

May 13, 2019

Here are the highlights of my interview with Karyn Danielle: Lead Better Now on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Karyn Danielle?

Karyn Danielle is a leadership coach who spent 20 years working in a diverse range of leadership roles before starting her coaching practice.

From working as a backcountry hut master to restaurant management, to leading a team in the intense pet care industry, she learned the key to leadership success is relationships, after that, everything falls into place.

She now helps leaders build better connections with their team, navigate their relationships, and understand the human side of leadership so they can become better leaders, improve team morale, achieve higher performance, all with less frustration.  

Lightbulb moment

Kayrn learned many valuable lessons in her first leadership role right out of college.

Some were:

  • Know the tactical parts of your job - get your hands dirty
  • Don’t act like you know it all - work side-by-side with your...
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The Six Phases of Project Management

May 06, 2019

Have lofty goals? Read on to establish a clear vision for your projects.

As an entrepreneur, we are faced with loads of projects on our docket. Whenever we can systematize a process, it simplifies the flow and increases productivity. Here are the six phases of project management that will help you establish a clear vision and accomplish your lofty goals.

Phase 1: Research

Before you begin any new project, it’s always a good idea to do your homework. This can apply to any project from a blog post to an online course.

Validating your idea before you invest your time, money, and energy is crucial.

For example, if you are writing a blog post, it is a good idea to utilize Google’s Keyword Planner.

You can research which names and phrases are most requested. This helps you be strategic with your blog title, as well as keywords within your post for better online search rankings.

For the online course validation, for example, make calls or conduct a poll to your ideal...

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Trish Taylor: Personal Style Expert

Apr 29, 2019

Here are the highlights of my interview with Trish Taylor: Personal Stylist Expert on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Trish Taylor?

From small-town girl to celebrity stylist to female empowerment coach, Trish Taylor is a personal stylist expert.

She’s dressed stars like Ariana Grande, Kerry Washington, and Zendaya, but now has found a passion helping women entrepreneurs. 

Trish uses style as a tool to create self-confidence and amplify solopreneurs brand message. She’s passionate about helping women not only look better but feel better in the body that they have now.

She advises “commit to only wearing clothes that you love!”


Lightbulb moment

After long days and nights styling for celebrities on the red carpet, Trish realized that something was lacking for her. Despite the glamorous Los Angeles buzz, she was missing a connection.

After taking a psychology course, she was determined to bring more of a holistic approach to her offerings and help...

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