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Linda Anne Kahn: Aromatic Wellness Warrior

Apr 01, 2019

Here are the highlights of my interview with Linda-Anne Kahn: Aromatic Wellness Warrior on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Linda-Anne Kahn?

Linda-Anne Kahn is an Internationally trained Beauty Therapist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Lymphedema Therapist. She is a Nationally Certified Massage therapist, Certified Esthetician, and Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

But more than these credentials, Linda-Anne is a true healer. Her authentic desire to deeply connect with her clients is apparent in her work. People fly from across the country to experience her work and in many cases attribute a life transformation afterward.


Lightbulb moment

Linda-Anne’s first training was in 1978 in South Africa on the subjects of aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage. From this introduction, she became inspired to dive deeper into holistic modalities.

Little did she know that after years of extensive training in everything from acupuncture, to massage, to...

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The #1 Way to Build Your Tribe

Mar 25, 2019

Tips for the #1 way to build your tribe!

So you have a great product.

That’s not enough.

The fact is, the marketplace is crowded, the social feeds are noisy, and most commercials — annoying. As a solopreneur, how do you stand-out, get noticed, and build your tribe?


Yep! That’s it! The single most important way to build and engage your audience is through communication. And not just any blah, blah, blah. It has to be great. Crafting a 2-way conversation is a must. And…it has to be compelling enough for them to stick around until the end.

Storytelling — the key to it all

One of the most effective ways to share your message is through storytelling. Everyone loves a super story. It takes us on a journey. If done well, we feel like we are right there with the author; laughing, crying, outraged. It allows us to escape our world, and turn down the volume of life, if even for just a moment or two.

Once you pull in your reader,...

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Alessia Pandolfi: Tech Expert

Mar 18, 2019

Here are the highlights from my interview with Alessia Pandolfi: Tech Expert on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Alessia Pandolfi?

Alessia Pandolfi is a tech expert for online coaches and consultants. She helps other solopreneurs from tech disasters and takes the worry and tasks off their plates.

Alessia works out of Helsinki, Finland and has been a full-time entrepreneur for over 3 years.

Her core value is helping others and she brings this sense of purpose into both her personal and work life.

Lightbulb moment

It all began when her father brought home their first Mac computer. Together, working on it was like a pet project. This influence molded Alessia.

It evolved into a position as a project manager for a non-profit in Ukraine where organization and technology were mandatory.

Spinning off into teaching Italian online was her first launch into entrepreneurship. That wasn’t the perfect fit right off the bat. The thought of securing a traditional job flooded in, but after...

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How to Grow Your Business Like an Organic Gardener

Mar 11, 2019

Advice for building your business with solid roots.

With summer upon us here in Upstate, New York, it brings about many images of overflowing gardens and the abundance of flowering trees. As I was looking at my garden, correlations between gardening and growing a new business started coming to mind.

Let’s look at how you can grow your business and what it takes to reap the “fruits of your labor.”

The Planning Stage

Any good gardener knows that taking time and care when designing a new garden is crucial. There is a lot of work, hours of preparation and toil, and expense that goes into establishing a “new site.” Similarly, a new business owner has to create a home on the web and put the same effort into developing its new site to launch from.

The Foundation

Once the site is set up, the building foundation comes next. For the gardener, deciding what type of garden you want is an important factor. After researching the pros and...

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Shannon Kelly: Vintage Gypsy

Mar 04, 2019

Here are the highlights of my interview with Shannon Kelly: Vintage Gypsy on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Shannon Kelly?

Shannon Kelly is the founder and editor of the Women’s Magazine “Vintage Gypsy” based out of Prince Albert, SK. She works one-on-one with writers and facilitates the “Write Your Way Home” 6-week intensive writing workshop that she created.

She is a storyteller, a community builder and a humanitarian. She believes that we all have a story to tell and that each story is unique and important.

Lightbulb moment

After raising her kids, like many women, she was looking for something more. Journalling and writing had been an outlet for healing for her in the past and an idea for the blog was born initially.

The paper never says anything bad to you. You can say whatever you want to the paper and the paper always listens.

Shining a bright light

Shannon spends a lot of her time helping other writers develop and...

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5 Tech Tools that You Don’t Have to be a Techie to Use

Feb 25, 2019

Here are 5 great tech tools that you can add to your resources today!

Want to keep up?

To be successful in this digital world, at some point or another you’ll need to embrace technology. No matter how far along you are on your business journey, having a couple of stellar DIY tools can help ease you into looking like a pro.

I’m going to share my 5 favorite tech tools that you don’t have to be a techie to use. I have them bookmarked and utilize them every day!

Are you ready?

Tech Tool #1 — Grammarly

There is nothing that screams novice more than typos and misspelled words. You can eliminate both with GrammarlyGrammarly is an app that goes beyond a standard spellchecker. It also provides suggestions for grammar and “enhanced vocabulary” for your copy. What’s even better is their basic level is free. To take advantage of premium features like plagiarism detection and advanced grammar guidelines, they have a paid...

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Carly Rohlin: On a Mission

Feb 18, 2019

Here are the highlights of my interview with Carly Rohlin: On a Mission on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Carly Rohlin?

Carly graduated from The College at Brockport in 2012, with a BA in Spanish and a BA in International Studies. She joined her family’s commercial real estate brokerage, Mission Commercial Realty, LLC in 2013, where she specializes in working with small- and medium-sized businesses who are looking to buy and/or lease office and retail space.

The brokerage was formed with a focus on helping non-profit and community organizations, along with local entrepreneurs, grow their respective companies in order to create altruistic wealth in the Rochester area.

As a young professional, Carly combines her unique perspective on the next generation of business with a keen insight into the changing landscape of the Rochester market to best serve her clients as they work together to find a positive solution in every situation.

Lightbulb moment

After reading Start With...

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5 Ways to Up Your Website Game

Feb 11, 2019

Top tips for easy and quick website improvements

Your website should feel like having a friend over for coffee; inviting, warm, conversational.

With the slew of content marketing strategies available today, it’s even easier to maximize your little piece on the interweb.

Here are 5 ways to up your website game NOW:

1. Clarity

We have just a handful of seconds to communicate our message to new website visitors. Since we are intimately connected with our business and offerings, it’s easy to assume who we are and what we do is crystal clear to everyone. This cannot be further from the truth! Perfecting our elevator pitch can help us to clarify the following important questions:

Who am I?Who do I serve?How do I solve my ideal client’s problem?

Tip: Look at your homepage and see if a new visitor could easily answer the above questions. If not, go back to the drawing board and revise.

2. Simplicity

The adage less is more definitely applies when it comes to...

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Tamara Kemper: Process Mentors

Feb 04, 2019

Here are the highlights of my interview with Tamara Kemper: Process Mentors on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Tamara Kemper?

After 16 years of working in schools and ed-tech companies, Tamara Kemper had accidentally become an expert in getting things done. Now, as the founder of Process Mentors, she helps small business owners scale their businesses through better back-end processes and internal training.

Tamara lives in Phoenix, AZ where she can frequently be found singing and playing the ukulele with her little ones or continuing her quest to read all the books.

Lightbulb moment

Tamara experienced not having a lot of power or flexibility when she worked in the educational system and uncovered a lot of limitations. This opened up an opportunity to work with a local tech ed company where she quickly realized that she loved working with adults and helping them learn.

She herself is a forever learner and problem solver. She started focusing on how to make things work better and...

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