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Patsy Culp: And Celebrate!

Nov 05, 2018

Here are the highlights of my interview with Patsy Culp: And Celebrate on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Patsy Culp?

Patsy Culp is the Founder of And Celebrate and Co-Founder of The Branding Edit. She specializes in helping passionate business owners refine their brand, expand their presence online & off, and connect on a deeper level with their audience.

Patsy’s philosophy is this: loving up on your immediate circle of clients and comrades is the most effective way to create a catalyst for business growth & generate a word-of-mouth machine for your brand.

Lightbulb Moment

It took a couple of tries to find the perfect fit. Right out of college she quickly found that she was not being fully expressed or satisfied with her job.

After years of in-depth personal development; courses, workshops, going back to school, and even acquiring a life coach certification something started to click. She eventually built up enough inner trust to take a leap and say yes to an...

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Lauren Andrews: From Psych Nurse to CBD Aromatics

Oct 29, 2018
Here are the highlights of my interview with Lauren Andrews: From Psych Nurse to CBD Aromatics on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Lauren Andrews?

Lauren Andrews is an RN, Clinical Aromatherapist and President of AroMed Aromatherapy.  

AroMed has 2 retail locations in Central Vermont and an active online store. AroMed's CBD Aromatics line can be found in over 25 shops in California, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Lauren is also a recent graduate of the University of Vermont's Cannabis Science and Medicine Program.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

After years of being in a psychiatric nurse, and coming close to getting assaulted by a patient one day, Lauren realized it was time to begin a new career path.

She used her passion and knowledge in the field of aromatherapy to open her first retail location in Montpelier, VT.

From there, she continued her learning and earned a certification from the University of Vermont’s Cannabis Science and Medicine program, which allowed...

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Alauna Whelan: Inspiring the Divine Feminine

Oct 22, 2018

Here are the highlights of my interview with Alauna Whelan: Inspiring the Divine Feminine on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Alauna Whelan?

Alauna is a true artist dedicated to inspiring women to sink deeper into their feminine power while treading lightly on Mother Earth in the process.

She has a background in mining and minerals (both potash and uranium).

Currently, she offers a handcrafted line of elemental jewelry using crystals, gemstones, and recycled fine silver. As well as botanical intention candles infused with pure essential oils.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

With the birth of her first son, Alauna experienced birth trauma. While she had hoped for a natural birth, her greatest wish was for a gentle birth with informed consent more than anything.

Left in disarray and with a deep need to reclaim her life and feminity, she began to search out holistic tools like aromatherapy, homeopathy, and crystals in hopes to achieve peace and balance.

From there, she started...

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Andrea Reisen: Healing Spirits

Oct 15, 2018

Here are the highlights of my interview with Andrea Reisen: Healing Spirits on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Andrea Reisen?

Andrea is far beyond just an herbalist and plant lover. She has a spiritual connection with the earth and believes in being in harmony with all of creation.

She and her husband grow organic herbs and medicinal mushrooms on their 30-acre farm in Wallace, New York.

When they aren’t working in the fields, you can find them sharing philosophical conversations over a cup of brewed tea, doing yoga, or teaching at herbal and agriculture conferences throughout the US and Canada.

Overcoming Darkness

Andrea is no stranger to failure.

She and her husband, Matthias tried their hand at dairy farming and ended up moving on from that venture when they realized it wasn’t financially viable.

It was from there that they looked back at herbs through a business lens. This also allowed them to keep and use the land that they grew to love.

Reisen also shares,...

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Kay Fabella: The Story Finder

Oct 09, 2018

Here are the highlights of the interview with Kay Fabella - The Story Finder on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Kay Fabella?

Kay is a storyteller and brand strategist, who crafts words for entrepreneurs to master their message, pivot their business efficiently, and connect with the people they were meant to serve.

A Los Angeles native based in Spain, she's worked with solopreneurs to Fortune 500s in English and Spanish. She has also been featured as an international speaker, writer, and storytelling expert in the Huffington Post and El País. When Kay's not making brand story magic, you can find her with her Spanish husband and their two cats, eating her way through Europe, or jet-setting between LA and Madrid.

Overcoming A Big Initial Business Challenge

Kay found herself with an amazing opportunity to write a series of blog posts for an influential online marketer in Spain. Of course, she jumped at the chance only to quickly realize that she wasn’t ready. Things...

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Kerry Jones: Indigo Tones - Come Alive With Color

Oct 02, 2018

Here are the highlights from my interview with Kerry Jones of Indigo Tones on Women Developing Brilliance. Enjoy!

Who is Kerry?

Kerry Jones is a certified color analyst. She utilizes the color science of Albert Munsell combined with the Seasonal Color Theory of the Impressionist painters to bring about color harmony.

She says, “Harmony happens when people are in alignment with their personal colors.”

She combines her passion for teaching, natural alternatives, career development, personal enrichment and color throughout her work.

Overcoming Struggles

When Jones first learned about color theory, she was using her teacher’s swatch books in her business.

(For reference, a swatch book is an integral tool which provides the client with their personal color wheel.)

Unexpectedly and tragically, her mentor was killed.

This left Kerry, and several of her peers in the color analysis field empty-handed and spinning in circles for a solution.

Confident in her...

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Michelle Wright, LAc.: People Heal Themselves

Sep 25, 2018

Here are the highlights of my interview with Michelle Wright, LAc. on Women Developing Brilliance

Who is Michelle?

After 10 years of being a special ed teacher, Michelle experienced an “aha” moment and knew that the healing arts was her passion. After that, she attended and graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and graduated with honors in 2010.

She’s been seeing patients ever since at her clinic, Naples Valley Acupuncture, in Naples, New York.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

Deciding to quit a steady ten-year teaching position was no easy decision. But Wright pushed through the fear and took the risk to go back to school. She believes that if things are supposed “to be” then the path will just open up and flow with ease.

She also attributes the courage to leap from a conventional career to one of being a solopreneur to the love and support from her family.

Balancing work and home life is something that...

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Jessica Witherow: Mother Earth Inspired Wellness

Sep 18, 2018

Here are the highlights from my Women Developing Brilliance interview with Jessica Witherow: Mother Earth Inspired Wellness.

Who is Jessica Witherow?

Jessica is a licensed massage therapist practicing in the foothills of the Naples Valley, in Upstate New York. Her love for Mother Earth is steeped throughout everything in her brand from all natural products to eco-friendly print materials.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

At age 30, Jessica realized that she was not feeling super comfortable in her body. She had put on a lot of weight and no longer was the athlete she once was. She began researching nutrition, went on a juice fast cycle, and committed to moving on the treadmill when the kids were napping.

Being able to stretch, regain the range of motion, and see and feel the transformation is what kept her going and dedicated.

That whole process gave her the confidence to go back to school and dive into her passion and career.

She now has an integrated approach that she is able to...

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Geenah Caragliu: Wild Plants Love You

Sep 11, 2018

Here are the highlights from my interview with Geenah Caragliu of Wild Plants Love You on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Geenah?

Geenah is a certified aromatherapist and herbalist that connects people to their highest quality of well being by inspiring them to invite the botanical world into their lives. She creates hand blended wildcrafted or garden grown herbal + Aromatic products.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

From as far back as being a little girl, Geenah found solace and an escape in Nature. A deep connection and peace came from the trees and the forest, which she continues to draw on.

In the early stages of her aromatherapy product line, creating labels was a massive headache. After, a ton of struggles with the computer and connecting with other makers, she landed on printing her labels on full sheets and then hand punching them after. She calls this her “silver lining” when it came to the packaging.

Persevering and reaching out to other people in the...

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Jessica Uys: From Corporate to Coaching

Sep 04, 2018

Here are the highlights from my Women Developing Brilliance interview with Jessica Uys - From Corporate to Coaching.

Who is Jessica?

Jessica Uys is a Transformation Coach that helps people uncover deep personality patterns so that they gain valuable insights and are better equipped to make choices that best align with their desired goals. She is trained to be insightful after 15 years of Consumer Insights in the corporate world.

She now utilizes her experience in her current coaching practice and mixes in intuition, breath work, and enneagram tools to offer a multi-faceted approach. This allows the client to know themselves in a deeper way, which in turns gives them powerful resources to improve their life and business.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

Uys worked hard to develop a BodyTalk practice. After six years, she cultivated a thriving business. However, when she stopped to truly reflect, she realized the face to face healing work based in the past was actually exhausting.


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