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Jessica Witherow: Mother Earth Inspired Wellness

Sep 18, 2018

Here are the highlights from my Women Developing Brilliance interview with Jessica Witherow: Mother Earth Inspired Wellness.

Who is Jessica Witherow?

Jessica is a licensed massage therapist practicing in the foothills of the Naples Valley, in Upstate New York. Her love for Mother Earth is steeped throughout everything in her brand from all natural products to eco-friendly print materials.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

At age 30, Jessica realized that she was not feeling super comfortable in her body. She had put on a lot of weight and no longer was the athlete she once was. She began researching nutrition, went on a juice fast cycle, and committed to moving on the treadmill when the kids were napping.

Being able to stretch, regain the range of motion, and see and feel the transformation is what kept her going and dedicated.

That whole process gave her the confidence to go back to school and dive into her passion and career.

She now has an integrated approach that she is able to...

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Geenah Caragliu: Wild Plants Love You

Sep 11, 2018

Here are the highlights from my interview with Geenah Caragliu of Wild Plants Love You on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Geenah?

Geenah is a certified aromatherapist and herbalist that connects people to their highest quality of well being by inspiring them to invite the botanical world into their lives. She creates hand blended wildcrafted or garden grown herbal + Aromatic products.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

From as far back as being a little girl, Geenah found solace and an escape in Nature. A deep connection and peace came from the trees and the forest, which she continues to draw on.

In the early stages of her aromatherapy product line, creating labels was a massive headache. After, a ton of struggles with the computer and connecting with other makers, she landed on printing her labels on full sheets and then hand punching them after. She calls this her “silver lining” when it came to the packaging.

Persevering and reaching out to other people in the...

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Jessica Uys: From Corporate to Coaching

Sep 04, 2018

Here are the highlights from my Women Developing Brilliance interview with Jessica Uys - From Corporate to Coaching.

Who is Jessica?

Jessica Uys is a Transformation Coach that helps people uncover deep personality patterns so that they gain valuable insights and are better equipped to make choices that best align with their desired goals. She is trained to be insightful after 15 years of Consumer Insights in the corporate world.

She now utilizes her experience in her current coaching practice and mixes in intuition, breath work, and enneagram tools to offer a multi-faceted approach. This allows the client to know themselves in a deeper way, which in turns gives them powerful resources to improve their life and business.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

Uys worked hard to develop a BodyTalk practice. After six years, she cultivated a thriving business. However, when she stopped to truly reflect, she realized the face to face healing work based in the past was actually exhausting.


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Dianne Miller: Cultivating Community Through Quilting

Aug 28, 2018

Here are the highlights from my Women Developing Brilliance interview with Dianne Miller on Cultivating Community Through Quilting.

Who is Dianne?

Dianne is a forever creative. She says, “For as long as I can remember I could be found with a needle and thread or paper and crayons, always happily creating.”

She now owns and operates Carriage House Quilts in Naples, NY. This is not only a gathering place for the community to join like-minds and artistic souls, it’s a safe space to cultivate conversation, celebrate wins, and establish lifetime memories one piece at a time.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

Taking in a multitude of other people’s suggestions and opinions was a challenge for Miller. She had to establish boundaries that would help her stay in alignment with her true nature, as well as meet her personal business goals. At the end of the day, she kept the advice that could be implemented and discarded the rest in order to maintain integrity.  


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Alex Strauss: The Mindful Walker

Aug 21, 2018

Here are the highlights from my Women Developing Brilliance interview with Alex Strauss, The Mindful Walker.

Who is Alex?

Alex Strauss is an author, editor, speaker, and creative entrepreneur. She published The Mindful Walker to encourage and support people to regularly connect with the Natural World to promote energy, creativity, and bliss.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

Alex, like many of us, was used to “holding the reins” of her busy life and pushed herself to burnout.

After hitting a low point, she discovered “that everything we need to handle anything life throws at us is already inside of us. We just need a way to bring it back to the surface, out from under all the busyness and worry of our everyday lives.”

She now makes going outside and connecting with Nature (and herself) a daily priority. In this tuning in, she finds she hears a personal calling to create and live in flow.

Her Next Big Project

Alex is getting her book ready for the audio...

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Petra Page-Mann: Seeds with Soul

Aug 14, 2018

Here are the highlights of Seeds with Soul with Petra Page-Mann.

Who is Petra?

Petra is a farmer whose passion for food and people spills over into everything she touches. In 2012 she founded Fruition Seeds to share seeds, knowledge and inspiration gardeners need to be more successful in the Northeast. Her belief is that seeds and people have the power to change the world.


Overcoming Life’s Struggles

On a personal note, being an extrovert Petra finds it’s all too easy to look externally for validation. Page-Mann is conscious that she needs to draw on her core for self-confidence and love.

On a business note, over 80% of seeds sold are owned by 1 company. Being one of the few truly independent seed companies and scaling is no easy road.

Gleaning from the qualities of genetic diversity, much like her farming ecosystem, Petra knows that she can not do it alone. She taps into her Community and trusted resources in times of need. With the mindset that we have the...

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Shirley Piccarreto: Healthy, Lean, and Sexy at Any Age

Aug 08, 2018

Here are the highlights of "Healthy, Lean, and Sexy at Any Age" with Shirley Piccarreto.


Who is Shirley?

Shirley is a Doctor of Naturopathy and the best-selling author of “Health, Lean, and Sexy at Any Age.” She has been in the health and wellness field for over 30 years and continues to share her in-depth knowledge on a daily basis with the same passion and fervor as Day 1.


Overcoming Life’s Struggles

Anxiety and panic attacks plagued Shirley in the early years. She went from medical doctors to psychiatrists looking for a solution only to come up empty-handed. After picking up a book on natural medicine at a health food store, she connected with a local naturopath who gave her simple suggestions to balance her nervous system...and they actually worked.

This sparked the desire to delve deeply into the world of natural health alternatives. As they say, the rest is history!


Her Next Big Project

Shirley has compiled her extensive knowledge base...

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Suzanne Farley; Passion + Perseverance from the Heart

Jul 31, 2018

Here are the highlights of "Passion + Perseverance from the Heartwith Suzanne Farley.

Who is Suzanne?

Suzanne is an Artist Advocate Extraordinaire! Plus, she knows what it takes to run a successful business.

Drawing from her years in business management, planning, human resources, and her tenure as Executive Director of the famous Naples Grape Festival, Farley brings solid experience to the table.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

After 14 years of business, Suzanne is no stranger to economic ups and downs. She persevered and journeyed on. Continually marketing and staying focused on her ideal customer, in addition to relying on word of mouth referrals, she's been able to sustain a successful business since 2004.

Her Next Big Project

Sharing new and creative artists is always Farley's "next big project!" The creativity oozes out of the seams of the gallery. In addition to the 14 themed rooms, she has a new section now on display...

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Molly K. Larkin: Schooled by Suffering

Jul 24, 2018

Here are the highlights of "Schooled by Suffering" with Molly K. Larkin.

Who is Molly?

Molly is a Life Coach and brings her experience as a mental health nurse with her as she gently guides people to access the wisdom of their own bright heart.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

In her own words, she “suffered like hell looking for some way to fix what was never broken.” She struggled with many forms of addiction. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, and purging.

She is not only on the other side of pain and disconnect, she lives a life filled with freedom and self-compassion. She created a business to help others do the same.

Her Next Big Project

Larkin’s next big project is a small group coaching collaboration called Embodied Integrity; a program designed to assist people in uncovering the renewed sense of freedom that arises when they start living in alignment with their values and integrity.

You can learn more here:

Shining a...
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Aniiyah Klock: From Patterns of Pain to Patterns of Peace

Jul 17, 2018

Here are the highlights of "From Patterns of Pain to Patterns of Peace" with Aniiyah Klock.

Who is Aniiyah?

Aniiyah Klock is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Energy Healer.

She provides heart-centered, intuitive work in a relaxing, safe and comfortable environment. She bases her offerings in the five element theory and the natural world. In the broadest aspect, anyone who is ready to mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally shift from patterns of pain to patterns of peace and wholeness can benefit from her wide array of healing techniques.

Overcoming Life’s Struggles

Aniiyah has suffered from severe migraines, Epstein's anomaly, ACL injury, Lyme’s disease, and a devastating automobile accident that left her in a hospital bed for 4 months. She’s had 2 near death experiences and is no stranger to pain.

Her traumas and a lot of soul-searching brought her to a path of healing. Her curiosity grew and so did her thirst for knowledge for everything from...

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