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Making Space Materially And Energetically

Dec 12, 2019

As we're closing out this year and moreover ringing in a new decade, it's the perfect time to evaluate what's really needed. This applies to physical/material things, as well as emotional/energetic ties.

Let’s take a look at how making space materially and energetically will pave the way to happiness.

Have a Pitch Party!

Time to get the extra-strength garbage bags lined up to rid your space of anything with an old expiration date.

This includes things from your:


You know, those unmarked bags of frozen bananas that you had the best intentions to use for smoothies? Time to go!

Pantry (including outdated spices)

Chuck the dried and faded! 

I love to cook and bake. Since I am not preparing for a large family, I find purchasing spices in the 1 oz. jar size works great to keep seasonings at their optimal brightness & freshness. My favorite spice companies are Simply Organic and Penzey’s.

Bath & Beauty Products


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3 Steps to Eliminate Business Planning Overwhelm

Dec 10, 2019

This time of the year is when many successful entrepreneurs are advocating for their favorite planners. You read how excited the most prominent names in the business are regarding “architecting their success.”

That’s awesome! But, what if you don’t have a clue on what to do and where to start?

Here are 3 steps to eliminate business planning overwhelm: 

Step 1: Hone it Down

For me, the concept of a 5-10 year business plan seems elusive and a waste of time! With the ever-changing climate of the digital world, coupled with our own inner changes (which can be a total metamorphosis), I think setting monthly, quarterly and yearly goals make the most sense. They stay fresh, pertinent, and adaptable.

Think about it – our bodies and minds are made up of cells. Our cells regenerate often (some on a daily basis), re-creating our organs and in turn, many times our mindset.

Who knows what we are going to think and feel like in a decade?

What we can...

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Cultivating A New Career When You’re Over 45

Dec 05, 2019

80% of people age 45+ consider changing careers; only 6% actually do. Can you relate to this statistic?

Especially in our changing work climate, security oftentimes is fleeting at best. It can catalyze daydreaming about the “what if” scenarios. What if I could be my own boss? What if my schedule was more flexible? What if I could travel more? What if I had a little freedom?

I think many of us have drifted off into the world of “what ifs” before. The more vital question of all is, what are you going to do about it?

All the hopes and dreams don’t amount to anything except spinning mental wheels without action.

In order to have action, you can’t have fear. The most successful business people that I know have one thing in common, fortitude. That attitude is really an ingrained pattern in how they live their life. There is a fierce determination coupled with daily effort.

I always thought it was confidence that put the...

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Is the Work Life Balance a Farce?

Dec 03, 2019

I hear a lot of people saying the work-life balance is a big fat lie.

Is it a farce? Can you, as an entrepreneur, actually have a balance between your work life and your personal life?

The power of choice

We have choices, especially as solopreneurs, decisions to make that are totally up to us. One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur is not working the typical “9 to 5,” but actually cultivating our own reality. Making choices that affect how we construct our day, our life really. With choice, there are many opportunities to acquire balance. One of the keys is navigating between the “get to” and “got to” things on the list.   

There is this general conception that in order to be successful, you have to hustle. In order to hustle, you have to put in the time and grind it out. Often that can look like an 80 hour week. It usually consists of multitasking, partially listening most of the time, and nearly being burned out at the end of the...

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How Saying "YES" Enhances Your Business

Nov 28, 2019

Can you think of a tiny 3-lettered word that holds infinite possibilities?

If you answered “YES,” then you are correct!

Every single day, we encounter thousands of questions, both in our lives and businesses. They start with small ones, like if you should have a healthy green smoothie for breakfast. Later in the day, once you’re at work, you might be asked more complex questions that could alter the course of your solopreneur journey.

When you’re confronted by a big, scary question that could change everything, our instinct might be to say, “NO.”

Your brain may come up with a multitude of reasons for this, like:

  • It’s not the right time
  • I can’t afford it
  • I’m just not ready
  • Sounds too difficult
  • And on and on…

I want you to take a minute and imagine something with me. What if the next time an opportunity presents itself, you push aside that little voice that says “No” and instead allow an immediate...

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Solopreneur Sickness Survival Secrets

Nov 26, 2019

Have you ever had pneumonia? Trust me, it isn’t fun! 

I came down with a case of pneumonia a few summers ago, and believe me, it’s true what they say about taking good health for granted until you don’t have it! Reflecting on that experience inspired me to share some thoughts about surviving as a solopreneur during times of sickness and ill health.

As solopreneurs, we have the unique experience of being responsible for most things in our business. Marketing, production, client outreach, and support; it’s ALL on us. This can be difficult enough when we are vibrant and healthy, plowing through our daily tasks with steadfast determination and energy. Give a solopreneur that same workload when their health is failing them, and you have a recipe for panic. 

Around the same time that I was struggling with my upper respiratory thing, I recall that there was a rash of hurricanes around the country. They were often so bad that they forced Southern residents...

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