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How To Prepare For A Public Relations Expert

May 07, 2020

Successful coaches and solopreneurs are used to bootstrapping their business. They (and you) are good at it. 

Podcasting? They’re on it. 

Blogging? They get it done. 

Social media? It’s not just a distraction (most of the time, anyway). 

If there’s marketing to be done in any form, solo business owners are well aware and are doing their best to get the word out. But there comes a point of diminishing returns. 

Your website has all the traffic you feel you’re going to attract through organic (and even paid) methods. Your mailing list growth has slowed to a crawl. Perhaps your income has leveled off. 

It might be time to bring in a pro to help you get some much needed local and national media attention. But before you do, be sure you have a good foundation in place, or all your time (and money) will be wasted. 

Solid, Consistent Branding

This goes a lot deeper than just your logo, colors and fonts. This is your message, your...

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Ariel Garten: Meditation Musings

Apr 27, 2020

In this episode, Kc talks with Ariel Garten.

Ariel is a fearless neuroscientist, psychotherapist, mom, former fashion designer, and the female founder and visionary of an amazing and highly successful tech start-up Muse - a device that reads brains. She has been featured on Ted talk, CNN, NYT, and WSJ, teaching people how to reach their optimal mental state. She explains what meditation is and the neuroscience involved. She shows how through meditation and technology you can improve mental, physical, and emotional state to become our best possible self. Ariel shares her incredible journey of success – from fascinating insights on the brain to inspirational ideas.

Here are the minute markers for the highlights of this episode:

00:01:56  Ariel's Journey And The Genesis of Muse

00:04:56  What is Muse And How Does It Work?

00:09:28  Benefits At Any Age: Muse and Meditation

00:15:20  Ariel's Daily Meditation and Free Resources

00:17:45  Our...

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Lindsay Bryan-Podvin: The Financial Anxiety Solution

Apr 13, 2020

In this episode, Kc talks with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin.

Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, owner and founder of Mind Money Balance, is a financial therapist who started her career in the field of mental health treatment and advocacy. As the first financial therapist in Michigan, she combines financial literacy with the emotional and psychological side of money.

She always had an interest in mental health and found an even greater love working at the intersection of mental health and money, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. In addition to being a published author of the book "The Financial Anxiety Solution," she has a degree in sociology from Michigan State University, and her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Michigan. She lives with her husband and their Portuguese Water dog in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Here are the minute markers for the highlights of this episode:

00:01:31 Your Relationship with Money And Anxiety

00:02:55 What You Can Do Now To Control And Ease...

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Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris: Competence Over Confidence

Apr 06, 2020

In this episode, Kc talks with Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris.

Dr. Doyle-Morris is the author of 'The Con Job: Getting Ahead for Competence in a World Obsessed with Confidence'. She is completely focused on helping professional women get the roles they want and the recognition they deserve. She has helped women move into senior roles at 50 organizations in the UK, Europe and the US - namely in STEM, legal and financial services photos in particular.
Over the last 25 years, Doyle-Morris has helped organizations improve their gender balance, particularly at a senior level. In that time, she has also written two books. Her latest book, "The Con Job: Getting Ahead for Competence in a World Obsessed with Confidence'’, will be published on April 23, 2020.

Here are the minute markers for the highlights of this episode:

00:01:23 Meeting Dr. Doyle-Morris

00:05:42 The Rise of Gender Neutrality: How It Applies to Everyone

00:09:00 Why We Need To Value Competence Over Confidence


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When Do Solopreneurs Need Coaches?

Apr 02, 2020

It’s easy to think that you can DIY everything, because heck, you’ve done pretty well figuring things out up until this point.

However, things have shifted and you may have asked yourself, “When do solopreneurs need coaches?”

Perhaps you’re home more hours than before, maybe you have less time because of other distractions in the house that weren’t there, or it could be that work is the farthest thing from your mind with all that’s on the news!

Just because you’re a badass entrepreneur, don’t think you would never need a coach of your own. Seems like a funny thing to think about but even the best coaches could use some help streamlining their businesses or having an objective third party to talk to about personal or family matters. Heck, even psychiatrists are required to speak to other psychiatrists regularly!

Business coaches can assist anyone with their businesses and often will find things to fix or change simply because they...

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Building Digital Resources: The Benefits of Keeping It Simple

Mar 27, 2020

Given the current circumstances, most of us are trying to come up with ideas that will serve our tribe. 

You might be looking at how to start or grow your business, or maybe even just find a new income stream. 

An excellent way to do that is through online programs.

Building digital resources (membership sites, courses, etc.) is my jam.

Today, I want to share with you ways to keep things simple! 

The Old Way

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You begin to write a blog post, and before you know it, your “quick update” has turned into a rambling, 3,000-word novelette that covers everything from where to find a graphic designer to how to design a business card. 

Now, a 3,000-word blog post can be great for traffic, but only if you’ve kept it tightly focused. But what happens all too often (in blog posts and in course development) is that every point covered brings up a new point to be addressed. 

Logo design leads to business card...

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Spring Clean Your Life and Business

Mar 26, 2020

I’ve got Spring cleaning on the brain! 

Here in the Northern Hemisphere Spring has Sprung! And with the current global circumstances, it feels like there’s never been a better time to clean. 

In the process of evaluating and re-evaluating everything that takes up space from clothing to paperwork, I found myself mentally repeating, “Is it necessary?” 

Here are a couple of clarifying questions to get your answer fast:

Have you used it in the last 6 months?

The standard rule of thumb is to discard, sell, or donate anything that you haven’t used in the last six months (of course, if it’s something seasonal this wouldn’t apply). It makes perfect sense. Even though the time can truly fly by, if the item in question was essential you would have utilized it within a half a year.

Donating, repurposing, re-gifting, or tossing are your options. To get a little cash the modern way, people are loving the letgo app found here


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What If No One Is Listening?

Mar 05, 2020


Ugh! The dreaded feeling of being an entrepreneur when it seems like you’re spinning your wheels, pumping out great content, and no one is listening. What are your choices? You could stop writing your blog and posting on social media. You could keep repeating your routine. Or make some changes. 

Let’s look at each option-

1. Stop writing your blog and posting on social media

This may seem like the easiest and best answer at first. I mean, if no one is listening or commenting on your hard work, why bother…right? But, let’s think about this. If you choose to hang up the towel, you are eliminating any possibility of getting recognized, seen, and/or heard. You are really saying to the world: “I don’t exist.” I don’t think that’s what you want is it?

I believe there is great power in dedication. 

Jeff Walker, best selling author, once replied to someone who said: “I only want to write when I’m...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Business Today

Feb 27, 2020

I love connecting with fellow solopreneurs to share business tips and marketing strategies...especially aromatherapists.


I’ve been a plant lover all my life, an organic gardener, complementary medicine student, and essential oil junkie!

I thought it would be fun to provide a powerful list of 5 ways to improve your business today and associate it with an aroma. Nature is our greatest teacher and learning how to emulate her can improve our approach to business.

 Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned entrepreneur, look at the below suggestions with fresh eyes and a kaizen attitude.


Here are 5 ways to improve your business today:







What’s a list?

This is a running contact list of web visitors that show interest in your business.

How do I get a list?

Set-up an opt-in on your website so you can start building and growing your list today. You can offer a freebie like a cheat sheet,...

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