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Overcome The Fear of Going Live

Dec 19, 2019

Video is all the rage when it comes to digital marketing. 

According to Optinmonster, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year and achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness. However, if you’re intimidated to hit the broadcast button, it can feel darn right terrifying!

Here’s the #1 tip to overcome the fear of going live -


By turning around the “got to” mentality to a “get to” state of mind you’ll be more equipt to tap into the potential of utilizing video in your marketing.


Like with so many things in life and business, how we perceive things rules our actions, which determines our results. 

The simple act of switching our language from “got to” to “get to” when it comes to pressing the broadcast button can make all the difference in the world.

  • We *get to* share our message on free platforms.
  • We *get to* express our heart to people around the world. 
  • We *get...
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5 Things You Can Do When You’re Stuck in Your Business

Nov 14, 2019

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck in your business?

Either you have no idea of how to progress, or you have too many ideas and are spinning out. In both cases, it’s easy to find yourself looking at your laptop or tablet, wondering, “What the heck have I actually accomplished?”

Being “stuck” is a widespread issue among solopreneurs. It usually manifests as confusion, indecisiveness, indifference, discouragement, or all of the above.

Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be a permanent state. I’ve felt stuck many times in the past, but discovered some strategies that helped pull me out of the funk and push forward.

Here are five things you can do when you’re stuck in your business:

1. Go Back and Review your Past Accomplishments

It’s easy to forget the massive number of things that we do daily as a small business owner. It can move so quick, with the days piling on one another, the blog posts getting archived, the client reviews...

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Go Deeper, Not Wider for Better Results

Nov 12, 2019

If you are anything like me, then learning, improving, tweaking, growing, and keeping up with the trends is a fun and exciting part of being an entrepreneur!

I was recently organizing my bookmarks tab and suddenly realized all the courses that I’ve enrolled in over the last couple of years. In addition to the dozens of lead magnets that got me clicking the “Yes, I Want In” button.

But I have a big admission to make to you. Despite my best efforts, I haven’t completed many of the programs that I’ve signed up for. I simply didn’t have the time! And that got me thinking...

Go Deeper, Not Wider

This concept has always resonated with me in the past.

Being interested and capable in many different realms has always tagged me as a “Jane of all trades.” I think this has to do with being an entrepreneur for most of my adult life – where the culture of being the cook, chief, and bottlewasher is commonplace.

But as I get older and keep...

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When Less is Way, Way More

Oct 31, 2019

How much "stuff" are you comfortable having in your life?

I love the documentary called Minimalism. It’s a fascinating doc, one that you watch beginning to end without interruption. I found I was very attracted to their message of trimming back to the essentials and living life with a purpose greater than just working to pay the bills. Their entire philosophy/mission was very appealing to me!

It reminds me of my last time in Hawaii. On that trip, I was traveling "light," from my packing to my attitude. Life felt (for lack of a better word) easy. I was still just as dedicated to work and exercise, but things seemed to flow with grace rather than requiring effort to push through.

After reflecting on that time a few months later, I realized that I had only surrounded myself with the basics when I was away. I had my essentials – my best friend, my most favorite clothes, my luxurious face cream, simple organic food, and my laptop. That was it. The places that we stayed in...

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Learn to be Flexible

Oct 21, 2019

A new season is upon us. Are you ready for change?

Whenever there is a change in course or a shift, whether it be globally or individually there is a natural tendency to put walls up. This is an innate protection mechanism, to shield our person and armor what we value.

Of late, we have had several changes that may have caused some ripples in our own life. Political changes, weather changes, energetic changes…many of which are out of our hands.

How can we deal with these outside influences that affect everything from our mood to our bottom line?

Learn to be flexible.

Structure, foundation, rigidity — all provide value and service, at times. Hardness can hold things together, but when it becomes too brittle and set in its ways, it can crumble everything from a house foundation to a relationship.

I am rarely at a loss when it comes to having an opinion and appreciate routine, deadlines, and boundaries. However, being flexible, especially in times of change and/or...

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The #1 Obstacle to Overcome in Business

Oct 07, 2019

There are several obstacles to overcome as an entrepreneur, but here’s the biggest one…


Throughout the years, one of the most common issues I’ve seen arise for solopreneurs is questioning if they are good enough. Insecurity is a big issue and can paralyze even the sharpest, most talented people across all industries.

A natural reaction for most creatives

Previously, I attended the Becoming Boss, 3; which is an event organized by Sarah Knight of Roc Girl Gang, in Rochester, NY.

Even in Sarah’s opening welcome speech, she talked about negative comments running through her head when she first decided to start Roc Girl Gang (a local organization that is becoming quite the movement for women interested in entrepreneurship). She had questions like, “Who do you think you are to be doing something like this?” or “There is probably somebody way more knowledgeable and successful that could do a better job than...

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4 Ways to Be More Decisive

Jul 01, 2019

I was watching The Good Wife on Netflix and the two law partners were trying to decide if they should rent additional floors in their building to expand the practice. They went back and forth about it, and then one of them finally said: “Whenever the last partner couldn’t decide something, he always went back to the mission statement.” The other partner replied, “What mission statement?!?”

That gave me a chuckle and got me thinking about the ways we can support ourselves when it comes to decision making.

Here are 4 ways to be more decisive:

1. Declare Your Mission and Create a Vision Statement

To clarify, Wikipedia states:

A mission statement describes an organization’s purpose and answers the questions: “What business are we in?” and “What is our business for?” A vision statement provides strategic direction and describes what the owner or founder wants the company to...
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My Truth

Jun 03, 2019

Whenever there are celestial events (equinoxes, full moons, meteor showers, etc.) I always take note.

Most of us are not above the influence of astronomy.

In that, it’s usually a time for great reflection, change, tweaks in perspective…

How am I showing up in the world?Do things feel like they are in balance?What can I release to make space?

These are just a few questions that trail across my mind.

Today is the Full Moon.

I’m a Taurus girl, through and through (practical, persistent, stubborn).

I’m giving extra attention to personal development at this time (because it just feels right).

In my quiet reflection, I’ve nailed a big truth for me.

I’m in the Transformation business.

It’s so fulfilling to see a shift in a client when something finally clicks. When they sink into their power. When they realize their worth. When their life’s passion manifests into their very first course offering. When we build something out of an idea that...

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