Sacrifices For Professional Growth

Aug 12, 2019

Sacrifice is never easy.

Rarely do you find someone who wants to give up something in order to achieve or get something else. It’s easy to have the mindset of “have your cake and eat it too”…which usually isn’t very practical. Especially when it comes to professional growth.

In my years of business networking, I’ve always kept an eye on the ups and downs other business owners experienced. Many lessons can be learned by just observing.

When thinking about the topic of sacrifices for professional growth, three associates came to mind. Companies that grew to be successful at one point, but at what expense? I watched them make years of sacrifices and their results stuck with me.

The first company was a printing vendor of mine. My business partner and I became good friends with him and would kibitz about employee issues and other trial and tribulations of owning and operating a brick and mortar business.

In the beginning, our companies...

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