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It's time to step up, increase your impact,
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During this free 5-day challenge you'll learn how to:

DAY 1: Bust through fear & procrastination NOW 

DAY 2: Share your story to build your tribe NOW

DAY 3: Increase your online visibility with ease NOW

DAY 4: Book your dream clients NOW

DAY 5: Build a thriving business NOW

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Kelly Ablard, PhD., RA, EOT

"I never could have imagined the business and marketing skills I learned along the way, nor could I have envisioned such a top-quality outcome. Honestly, I can’t think of anything that could have been improved! I’m most excited now to take our business to new heights on a global scale! I would absolutely recommend Kc Rossi as a Business Coach because she is knowledgeable, motivating, consistent, engaged, positive, and always supportive. Kc takes her work very seriously and is completely dedicated to her clients' success!"

Kc Rossi, Business & Certified Mindset Coach

Meet Your Mentor

Kc Rossi is a Business & Certified Mindset Coach who mentors female solopreneurs in helping fields grow and scale their online business. Her integrated approach honors mind, emotions, and heart so it’s not only a joyful journey but one that’s sustainable.

She teaches a “sales as service” philosophy and shows women how they can be spiritual and profitable at the same time.

Kc is also a Certified Aromatherapist, Mind-Body Coach, and NLP Practitioner which allows her to bring a holistic approach to her coaching. 

She’s been a full-time entrepreneur for 29 years and has grown 6 and 7+ figure businesses.

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