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It's Time

Time to invest in yourself. To evolve your holistic business. To live and work spherically.

Imagine your morning stretch wraps with a cleansing exhale followed by a bubbling up of joy - and your joy is infectious! You’ve put your heart and soul into bringing your creativity and service to the world, and now you’re doing your dream work, with your dream clients. A flow of gratitude, satisfaction, and excitement weaves together your life’s work and your life’s play. This is what you’ve dreamed about since starting your business, and you are living it. Today unfolds with ease, because you are your own hero, each and every day.

It's possible! Keep reading...

Do you feel a pull to transform yourself and your holistic business? Wish you had a spare brain to help you access the part of yourself that can direct your evolution? 

== What is evolution? ==

Like the Japanese Kaizen philosophy that emphasizes committing to continuous improvement, evolution is your ongoing unfolding, revealing over and over again the person you can be and your role in your chosen community.

Client Feedback ~

"I’ve never worked with a business coach so the price was my only hesitation before signing up. However, I knew that I needed guidance because I had no idea where to start. Kc has a way of making you step out of your comfort zone and embrace the fear. We worked on my company brand, which I’m so proud of now. She helped me step into my power by using my voice to clarify my message and define my audience. After Kc’s input, I feel confident with my marketing materials now. I even hired her to create my shelf talker and social media posts which I love! I’ve grown as a person and as a business owner. Whenever I get stuck, she answers any question I have or makes a tutorial for me. She has truly helped me grow my business! I feel like I gained not only a trusted advisor but a friend for life." 

If You're Ready to Pivot with Purpose - Join Me for a Strategy Session

You have brought your holistic business this far, and along the way have helped so many people achieve healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

There is no "Plan B." You are meant to be doing what you do. 

Who can you trust to understand the core of what you do? How do all of these marketing strategies, techy systems, and social media solutions really work? Will you ever be able to make them work for you?
Sometimes it's easier — and more fulfilling —  to focus on the caregiving lightwork that you do than to focus on all of the marketing stuff. But that’s not sustainable and deep down you already know that.

Have you ever struggled with:

  • Second guessing your next move, allowing fear and self-doubt to take over again and again?
  • Having the same goals on your “to do” list for so many months that you’re tired of rewriting them?
  • Getting stuck in your own head to the point that it starts to control your whole world?
  • Tech roadblocks that make you want to toss your laptop and take a nap?
  • Not feeling in alignment with digital marketing tactics and confused as to what WILL work for a healing-oriented business?
  • Being so overwhelmed with other systems and blueprints that you just can’t stand it anymore?
  • Purchasing one more course that you thought was your “golden ticket,” but for some reason it just gets filed with the rest of the pile?

Aren’t you tired of just surviving?
It’s your time to thrive. 

It sometimes feels way easier to shy away from taking on anything new if we think even a little that it won’t help or won’t be worth the effort. But if you keep doing what you’ve always done, then you’re just spinning your wheels. If you don’t free up the RESOURCES to invest in yourself, the TIME to change, and the SPACE to grow into a confident service provider with a diversified income stream, then you’ll wake up each day with the same roadblocks and the same resource-wasting workarounds. 
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How do I know that the work of new beginnings can be life-giving?

Because I’ve done it as a serial entrepreneur building businesses over 30 years.

Each time I evolved my business, it started with me.

Private One-on-One Coaching is my answer to all these questions. I’m a trusted advisor that intimately cares about you and not only “gets” your WHY but helps you achieve your goals that support it.

Remember when you first set out to start your business? You began by investing in acquiring the expertise, tools, and credentials that would position you as skilled and reliable. 

Investing in yourself is always a wise move, because you take you with you wherever you go. Business development is no different than personal development. The knowledge and skills that you acquire mold and shape your decisions, which directly affect your life (and mood).

Today can be a new kind of beginning. 

Make it the kind of new beginning that is life-giving, that goes deep to transform you so that the evolved “you” can confidently evolve your business. And, be equipped to evolve it again and again, as your path winds through life.


One-on-One Coaching

Evolution takes time, patience, and commitment. Over the course of six months, we go deep into your business blueprint to crystallize your goals. We develop from scratch a marketing strategy you will be able to smoothly implement, and a detailed map of action steps to navigate to your success. This is a highly personalized, action-driven collaborative experience that will restore your confidence and clarity so that you can achieve your big dreams, and the results that will take your business to the next level.


Three 1-hour online sessions (via Zoom) so we can connect face to face in real time.


Recordings of every session so you can reflect back, process, and implement.


Personalized notes with your game plan mapped out so you know exactly your next steps to achieve results.



Weekly online accountability check-ins (via email) so we stay on track and capture your wins.


Monday through Friday email support so you never feel alone on the journey.


Copy review on all of your sales pages, landing pages, email sequences, etc.

Let's Go Deeper On Your Needs - Book a Call

We uncover and construct a great deal in our time together, with careful examination of what makes you and your business unique.

Whether it’s forming your brand, developing recurring income streams, designing online curriculum, defining your messaging, strategizing your optimal marketing plan, or supporting you on the latest tech, you will walk away with the confidence that you are a leader in your field.

Remember the vigor and euphoria of the early days of starting your business? When it’s time to evolve, accessing that part of yourself is key. This time around, you can rely on a joyful collaborator.
As your business coach, accountability partner, business developer, and all-around spare brain, I will be there to support you every step of the way!
I think that you landed here for a reason. With the thousands of choices available, it’s no “coincidence” that you happened to click this page. 
You are ready to go deep on evolving your business. You know the work is yours to do, but life has taught you that a trusted guide is invaluable.


Here’s What We’ll Cover:

Abundance Mindset - More often than not, it’s our energy and mindset blocks that are getting in the way of us experiencing positive emotions like joy and ease that we desire. When there’s a roadblock in the way, it’s impossible for money to flow in our direction without feeling like it’s an uphill battle day in and day out. We’ll start here to uncover a new way of approaching life and business.

Audience Building - You’ll learn ways to have fun while becoming more visible online, which is a crucial aspect of building the “know, like, and trust”-factors needed for any successful business. I provide step-by-step instructions on how to build a list of engaged followers that actually open your emails with a smile and who will be ready to raise their hands for your offers!

Building Online Assets - Diversifying your business portfolio is an important aspect of growth and abundance. It’s also the secret to exponentially expanding your reach without the burnout that can come from what feels like a constant hustle to get more clients! I’ll help you build your online course or membership which will bring new clients to you and provide you with recurring income.

Marketing - It is possible that you can market your business and still maintain your integrity! I’ll show you how. You will learn how to utilize inbound marketing strategies (that don’t feel slimy) and have your dream clients lining up to work with you.

Sales - We dive into sales together so you have pricing clarity and moreover know how to communicate your offerings with confidence. I’ll teach you a tested and approved process that helps you fill your client roster (with a lot more ease than ever before). You don’t have to fear sales anymore. My process is all about “Sales as Service” so you will always feel in alignment with your core beliefs.

Time Management and Organization - Because let’s face it, keeping everything together can feel like a full-time job! I’ll teach you ways to optimize your time which will save loads of frustration and time waste.

Clarity awaits on your 60-minute Strategy Session

Client Feedback ~

"I followed and communicated with Kc for 2 years before I signed up for coaching. I was earning very little income and stuck in a course-carrousel (paying for 1 program after another). I felt insecure and not prepared to learn or use new technology or social media. 

After working with Kc, my attitude has changed. I feel more comfortable exploring new areas of knowledge. I am learning that everything is doable, figuratively. I trust her, I admire her. I feel I am in good hands. I’m embracing how to write as a solopreneur. I love her passion for helping other women. Her knowledge of the business world and new technologies are extraordinary. Also, I like how humble she is. She tries to meet us where we are and bring us where we are supposed to be. That is a gift in itself.

During our time together, she helped me formulate my company name, brand, business foundation, messaging, website copy, pricing, and taught me modern marketing.

I have seen Kc helping other people. I can assure that she always goes the extra mile and cares for her clients and dedicates extra time to help them (not many coaches do that!)." 

Dr. Laura Gonzales, DocturaLaura | Holistic Health Coach

"You have to live spherically - in many directions. Never lose your childish enthusiasm - and things will come your way." 

-Federico Fellini


How do I know if one-on-one coaching is for me?

There are so many types of coaching available to us - group coaching, masterminds, one-on-one coaching, and in-person retreats to name a few. If any of the following resonates, than choosing a one-on-one coaching is for you: Listening to too many voices and directions is distracting and takes you off your path. You like having direct access to the teacher. You value intimate relationships where you have built up trust and can do deeper communicating. You are super busy and having all the attention on you during session is just plain more efficient than being 1 of the crowd.

How long is the coaching engagement?

The coaching engagement is for 6-months. You'll have the option to become a monthly retainer client at the end as well.

If I've never had a coach before, what should I expect?

Oh! You're in for a treat. :- ) For years I didn't have a coach. Since I've decided to "bite the bullet" I'll never turn back. The level of support and care that you receive from a good coach is indescribable. You never feel alone or lost again...invaluable!

What is your refund policy?

I am committed to showing up and participating fully and I expect the same from clients. That being said, there are no refunds. I feel when it’s the perfect fit there’re unlimited possibilities and having to confidently make the investment in yourself and your business helps propel you forward with no excuses.

Still have questions?

Client Feedback ~

"I’ve been in the healing arena for decades and love what I do. However, when it came to the business aspect of things, I knew that I needed guidance. I looked for someone to give me answers that I trusted. And then the Universe brought me Kc!

Kc helped make sense of what previously confused me - like how to stay organized, branding, web presence, marketing, etc.

She provided a slew of resources and recordings of all of our coaching sessions. I was able to go back and replay them when I needed a refresher or time to process and implement her teachings.

Through her guidance, I’ve rebranded my entire company. Kc helped me find my voice and use it! I’ve embraced writing, design my own social media posts, and claimed a title that I was afraid to before; Holistic Energy Healer.

Kc built my website from the ground up and helped me price and package my services. She’s provided tech tutorials for me, which has empowered me to dive into what was a scary place previously."

Sheila B. Tillich, Holistic Energy Healer


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