How To Create + Sell Online Courses


In This Masterclass, You'll Learn How It's Possible To Experience:


Learn how to build your business around your life! By creating an online course, you get to craft your own schedule + work from anywhere!


Stop trading time for money. Pour your heart & soul into a digital asset that will keep giving back year after year - THE key to business without burning out.


How cool is it that you can expand your reach, serve people worldwide AND earn income 24/7? It's possible!

Join Kc Rossi, Your Business Coach

Masterclass: How To Create + Sell Online Courses 

Available 24/7
* Masterclass Worksheet
* Access to my Trello Board  Roadmap with a detailed 10-step checklist
* Ideal Client Avatar support printable
* Construct Your Course Outline doc

Cost: $27

*This was recorded live so you'll hear an awesome Q&A after the Masterclass.

What You'll Learn 

  • How to come up with a stellar topic
  • How to easily validate your idea
  • How to stay organized through the process
  • How to deliver your course content
  • Best tools to record and edit your material
  • What to avoid - common pitfalls when it comes to course creation 
  • How to price your course
  • Best way to market + sell your course
  • How to help your students cross the finish line so they turn into raving fans

You're one step closer to building a recurring income stream!

Who Is This Masterclass For?

Learning how to create + sell online courses is perfect for:

­čî║ People working a 9-5 wanting to build a side hustle

­čî║Startups looking to crack into the online world

­čî║Seasoned entrepreneurs looking to optimize their efforts by building residual income

­čî║Solopreneurs experiencing burnout and know they need a solution for a sustainable business


This masterclass is 90-minutes and the Q&A is an additional 30-minutes. You'll walk away with actionable steps to start creating your online course right away.

"I most loved see the whole process and the way Kc clearly explained each one of its components. The Masterclass was super clear! I took a lot of notes and see it would be very useful to watch it again. I now can see myself creating a course in the near future. You need to take her courses, this one, and her Thrive Business Thrive."

Laura Gonzales
Holistic Health Coach

"If you're considering taking this Masterclass - Do it; I learned so much. Kc is relatable and presents important information in a friendly and accessible way. I love how she supports other women and tries to help them fulfill their dreams. I appreciate the fact that there are checklists to walk me through step by step and keep me focused."

Lisa Zochert
Certified Aromatherapist

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