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The One-on-One VIP Retreat Experience

Reconnect to your heart | Reignite your soul purpose | Reclaim your life

There is a light so bright inside of you that is waiting to shine. You may not believe that now because it’s covered up with shoulds, limiting beliefs, obligations, and expectations. 


When you take the time to balance your nervous system, harness the power of emotional intelligence, and realign with your soul purpose deep transformation begins.


That’s why I created Heart Glow CEO™  —
The One-on-One VIP Retreat Experience.


It’s an opportunity to let your spirit get refreshed amongst 40-foot Norwegian Spruce trees nestled in the foothills of Naples, New York.


This is an immersive experience where you can fully unplug, still the mind, nourish your body, and quench your thirsty soul.

If feeling calm, confident, and connected seems elusive, it’s time to carve out sacred space for yourself.


As a high-achieving woman, whether you’re an entrepreneur or business executive, your day is filled with meeting the needs of others. Cramming it all in, running from one appointment to the next, rushing to meet deadlines, fulfilling all the roles, and hoping you’ll have a little time left over.


It’s easy to spin out. To feel like someone or something has the clicker controlling your life. You may squeeze in self-care here and there, pick up a personal development book, or listen to a motivational podcast in the car but it’s not enough to feel sustained.

Executive retreat for women in upstate New York

It's time to carve out sacred space just for you!

I can relate. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1991. For many years, I subscribed to the paradigm that hard work is honest work — If I wanted to be successful, I had to play the game, wear button-down shirts, and grind my way to the top.


It took adrenal fatigue, visual migraines, and massive weight gain to get my attention. And to be honest, even then, I took those symptoms as proof that I was giving it my all.


Burnout is real and it requires a new way of thinking and being. There is no instant fix or Advil that you can pop to make it go away.


Because of my pain and silent suffering, I’m passionate about helping women update their outdated and harmful operating systems.

Heart Glow CEO Upstate, New York Spiritual Retreat

Are you ready to


  • Break out of the throws of adrenaline

  • Release the shoulds

  • Dissolve the fear of not doing enough or being enough

  • Let go of the identity that no longer serves you


Now is your chance to sink into the support of your feminine nature and receive. To take a break from doing, doing, doing, and breathe in new energy and life force.


Let me be your guide to initiate real change in a profound way.

Cultivate Wholistic Wealth

I am built for this work and will help you get powerful results that impact every area of your life.


My program is designed for wholistic wealth — that means we don’t just focus on one area but honor your physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, connective (relationships), and collective (mission) components.


Tools to Help You Be the CEO of Your Life


Women's retreat in upstate, New york


Connect to your body's wisdom through somatic processing, movement, and lifestyle support

To perform at your best, you must have physical vitality. Without energy, how can you approach your day with enthusiasm and vigor? Foundational non-negotiables are crucial for a solid launching pad. You will learn effective strategies to make positive habits stick so that you'll feel balanced and radiant.


Emotional Intelligence EQi-2.0 Rochester New York


Tap into your heart  through Emotional Intelligence + Emotional Freedom Technique

You are a sentient being motivated by feelings. Understanding yourself at this deep level gives you a superpower that will help you stay calm under fire, improve decision-making, and increase your respect as a leader. You will receive a detailed report of your emotional intelligence so you can move forward with clarity and ease.

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Amplify your trust and intuition through meditation and visioning

When we give spirituality an equal seat at the table, aspects like mission and purpose come alive. Living from your soul opens your heart and radiates love into the world — the most healing balm of all. Especially in these times of global chaos and uncertainty, having faith stimulates hope for a better future.

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Bust outdated paradigms of lack and limitation through money mindset coaching

Increasing income is a top priority for most. You will uncover limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck at a certain level and learn how to dissolve the glass ceiling. To your abundance and becoming unstoppable!

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Improve your personal and professional relationships through transformational coaching

Self-leadership is the start of great relationships. When you know thyself and heal, you become a magnetic force that people will gravitate toward. There is no greater pull than a connected, confident, and charismatic woman.

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Leave a legacy and contribute to a positive ripple effect through leadership consulting

This is about getting crystal clear about your deep why. Once you have that dialed in, we ink out your personal mission, vision, and values. This knowledge becomes the guiding light in all that you do and create — yes, please!

Heart Glow CEO



What: 6-day all-inclusive retreat experience for high-achieving women looking to reconnect with their heart, reignite their soul purpose, and reclaim their life


Where: Nestled in the foothills of Naples
(One hour South of Rochester, New York)


When: Custom coordinated to your schedule    


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During the custom-tailored experience, you will: 

Revitalize from the inside out with homemade high-vibe plant-based meals and beverages. 

Energize with movement practices like yoga, dance, and forest bathing.

Gain insight into your emotional intelligence to support managing stress, improving communication, and enhancing your leadership.

Deepen your intuition and self-trust so that you can lead your life with confidence and conviction.

Relax with a private massage by a licensed massage therapist.

Your days will include: 

  • Private one-on-one coaching so that you can discover what's holding you back, how to increase choice, and amplify feeling good.
  • Intuitive healing to help you reprogram at a cellular level.
  • Individually curated activities based on your specific needs and desires — no cookie-cutter approach here!
  • Custom aromatherapy and take-home blends crafted with your favorite essentials.
  • Intentional delicious meals and healthy snacks — enjoying the rainbow.
  • Rest and space in an energetically supportive atmosphere.

Post-retreat support for sustained results:

My mission is for this to be a life-changing experience. In that, you will also receive two personal coaching sessions via Zoom after the retreat ensuring continued support and accountability.

Plus, you'll leave with —

==>> A detailed emotional intelligence report with implementation steps

==>> Support printables to help guide your day, set clear boundaries, and sustain new habits

==>> A clear plan on how you can not only hang on to the good feeling but actually embody it

Bye bye people-pleasing perfectionist, hello profitable powerhouse!

Why choose me?


I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with stress, burned out, and wound up - to be wired and tired and keep pushing through anyway because there didn't seem to be another way.

AND, I found the solution.


If you’re wondering if I have the chops to serve you, I hold the following credentials: 


Mind Body Eating Coach 

Certified Advanced Aromatherapist

Certified Mindset Coach 

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

Certified Heroic Coach

EQi-2.0 Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Certified Team and Leadership Coach


Call me to see if this is right for you
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Named as one of the Top 13 Business Coaches Today - Cash Flow Podcasting

One of the Top 10 Most Inspiring Business Women in 2021 - Insights Success

One of the Top 500 Influential Leaders Making a Difference - Brainz Magazine



SuperHost since 2014

135 Reviews from Airbnb


Nestled in Nature Awaits


All your accommodations are provided for. You will have full, private access to the 1900 sq. ft. cabin on 6 acres of serene land.

There are no shared spaces... it's ALL YOURS! 

Relax by the woodstove, kick your heels up and read, or have your favorite beverage overlooking the conifers when our day together comes to a close. 


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Let's see if we vibe and go from there.

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