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One-on-One Leadership Coaching Offerings


  1. Increase Your Emotional Intelligence: Self-assessment and 1-hour debrief

  2. Cultivate Wholistic Wealth: 6-month intensive

1. Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Self-assessment and 1-hour debrief

Understanding yourself on a deeper level helps you navigate difficult situations better, improve performance, increase resiliency, lead more effectively, and improve all communications. 

EQi - 2.0 is the first scientifically validated instrument to measure emotional intelligence based on 20 years of research and provides detailed insights. 

After our time together, you will be able to harness the power of your strengths and improve your challenge areas with laser focus and grace.


Lead Better Now
Michelle Gilbert Holistic Tech Strategist

Kristen Fragnoli, ACC | Life & Leadership Coach

“Since the coaching experience with Kc, I’ve recognized patterns of thinking about sales and teaching that had previously limited me. In addition to launching a new brand and website, during our time together I enrolled 3 new clients, booked 4 speaking gigs, created and sold my first live masterclass, and developed my first online course! -- All of this development has helped me clarify and communicate the core of my desired business. Kc is a deep listener, always supportive and responsive. She would always honor how I wanted to spend time in our sessions, yet also gave gentle but clear nudges about things I needed to pay attention to. I would definitely recommend Kc - her process provides structure, support, and insight that creates momentum and confidence. Kc is clear, compassionate, always focused on your success, willing to challenge you when you need it, and an all-around wonderful person to connect with. As a coach myself, I needed someone experienced and able to examine things at a deep level. Kc did all that and has become a friend in the process! I highly recommend Kc if you’re looking to uplevel your work and your mindset!"

2. Cultivate Wholistic Wealth

6 Month Intensive: 4 One Hour Sessions per month for 6 months

Self-actualization takes work. That’s not new news but the difference is having a cohesive, layered plan that’s backed by science. In this 10-month coaching package, we will address 6 aspects that will optimize your life and business:

Physical - to ensure your energy is maximized and that you have the vitality to fuel your life.

Emotional - using emotional intelligence and heart wisdom you will learn how to navigate your world with stability and power.

Spiritual - tapping into your intuition and developing stillness practices will help you architect soul-alignment.

Financial - through simple strategies, you will learn how to maximize your earning potential, dissolve money mindset blocks, and be in a secure position to give back.

Connection - you will learn skills and mindset techniques that will improve your relationships with your partner, family, friends, and colleagues.

Collective - you will learn how to harness the power of the law of attraction to manifest your wildest dreams while sending out positive ripples in the world.

If you are tired of dabbling, if you appreciate proven processes and working personally with one expert vs. having your attention split in a multitude of directions then this is for you.

Optimize Your Life and Business Today!

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Optimize Your World
Michelle Gilbert Holistic Tech Strategist

Jodi Baglien | Certified Clinical Aromatherapist


“Kc helps me make my creative vision for my business a reality. She is a true expert for solopreneurs. She gets me over my technology blocks and provides the structure and processes that allow me to move forward. Prior to hiring Kc, I was stuck. I could not move forward without help. I knew what I wanted, but I did not have all the skills to accomplish and make my visions and projects come to life. Kc’s expertise is crucial to the success of my programs and my business. She is a trusted advisor I can rely on, and as a solopreneur, her expertise is priceless and crucial to my success.”

Legacy Leadership

with the support of one-on-one leadership coaching

Discovery Call

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Michelle Gilbert Holistic Tech Strategist

Chris Kenney | Sales Mastery Coach

"The biggest frustration in my business prior to working with Kc was the lack of leads. Since working with Kc I’m much calmer, more centered, less stressed, and leads are coming in! Having a listening ear is the best part about our coaching relationship and the practical solutions she offers. I would recommend Kc’s coaching to other entrepreneurs because she gets it…
she’s done it and she can teach you how to do the same.” 

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