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Master Your Mind: 3-month package

Master Your Mind

3-month package

You know you are ready to soar but something is holding you back — 80% of the time it’s your mindset that’s getting in the way of what you truly desire!

As a Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, I help you peel back the layers and get to the core of your authentic self. These sessions dissolve limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, insecure, and small.

This package begins with an extensive personality diagnostic that illuminates the areas that we will focus on so you get results fast. When you’ve done all the things, this is the key that unlocks your potential — opening the door to joy, ease, and fulfillment.


Harness the Power Within
Michelle Gilbert Holistic Tech Strategist

Debra Reis | Clinical Nurse Specialist


"Kc Rossi is a wonderful business and mindset coach with a niche for holistic entrepreneurs. She understands the industry of holistic therapies which was necessary for my personal growth as an entrepreneur as well as for the organization of my business programs. Kc helped me to organize my material and then create new material for my current signature program. In addition, I have learned to leverage my previous material to build my target audience. Personally, I've gained confidence and clarity about sharing my expertise and niche. Kc will guide you to go deep within yourself to discover ideas and more that will shift your paradigm and mindset! Feeling stuck or in a rut like I was in my business? Kc will help you make "shift" happen :-) Kc is always positive and has great insight and suggestions to enhance my experience. I value her expertise and she is a wonderful mentor and accountability partner. I have learned a lot and am so grateful I took this step and invested in myself and my dreams/vision. I would absolutely recommend Kc to other entrepreneurs."

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Michelle Gilbert Holistic Tech Strategist

Lyn Magill, RYT | Wellness Coach

"Since working with Kc, I have much more clarity and focus as I move  toward bringing my dream into reality. My creativity is sparked amidst the technicality that this endeavor involves. Kc brings life and laughter to tasks that could be rather tedious and geeky. 
Traffic into my classes has grown even before my new website was launched. I feel that this is due to the positive energy that has been generated from my coaching sessions and the vast professional knowledge and wealth of information that Kc has to share. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND KC'S COACHING. This has been a priceless personal growth experience for me. This experience has also given my business a huge boost forward. I feel that my business plan will grow for many years with the insight and possibilities that Kc has brought into light. This has truly been a very exhilarating experience from a truly awesome coach."

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