Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

EP #142 How to Increase Your Power and Alignment by Using Intuition

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: EP #142 How to Increase Your Power and Alignment by Using Intuition

Mindset Coach, Self-Leadership Coach, Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Coach

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Mindset Coach

Our intuition has been our silent helper and has served us in ways more than we know. We're going to explore 3 different types of intuition. Plus, learn how can we tap into them to increase our power and alignment. 


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A lot of us, if not all, think that our social media strategy works if our posts gain a lot of likes, comments, and shares. Though it is true that we can use that metric to know which posts work well with our audience, it’s not always the basis of your social media content strategy’s success. 

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Self-Leadership is all about using yourself as "client zero." It's about developing and managing your own energy — Getting your habits and core values so dialed in that you're magnetic. Learn 3 ways to mindful and effective self-leadership in this episode.

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Hilary DeCesare is a transformational coach, award-winning entrepreneur, and CEO of the Relaunch company. Hilary is on a mission to help fire up possibilities for people who are in the middle of their lives. To help them succeed in gaining the clarity and confidence they need to move forward to claim opportunities they might have previously missed.

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Many of us, if not all, have a dream to make an impact on the world. However, limiting beliefs, overwhelm, and perfectionism often times get in the way! In this episode, I talk about how setting our intentions, taking baby steps, and consistently showing up for your goal will lead to success.

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So today, we are going to talk about how being anti-fragile helps you win in life. It’s not a commonly used term ‘anti-fragile’ and I’ve received a lot of curiosity and feedback about it. So that’s what we are going to dive deeper into today.


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I'm sharing a masterclass that I did for Kelly Marshall's Prosperous and Profitable Conscious Entrepreneur group. Understanding our deep why is a topic that's very near and dear to my heart and one that will help you feel confident, motivated, and in alignment with your soul.

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Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could automate everything in our business? Kate Kordsmeir talks about evergreen funnels which you don’t want to miss. She also talks about the power of blogging and how wrong it is to think that nobody reads blogs anymore.

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The truth is, you can’t have success without a positive, and growth-oriented mindset. Today, we talk about why a growth mindset is the fastest way to mastery. It’s one of my favorite topics — and one that often gets overlooked for more alluring ones like cash and conversions. 

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Jennifer Love is the visionary CEO of the Living Wealthy Institute, helping world leaders develop a healthy relationship with wealth free from overwhelm and anxiety by following a regenerative money equation for a holistic and nourishing experience. 

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Why do we contribute to a culture that celebrates pushing ourselves past our limits? Burnout symptoms like apathy, autopilot, and emotional exhaustion seem normal. Have a listen to the full episode today + learn 4 ways to write your new self-care story.

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Impactful empowering conversations! Listening to KC every week gives me the jolt I need during down time or mundane activities to regroup and take inventory of all that's
going on. Especially with all that's been going on! Thank you KC for your thoughtful questions, remarkable insight and most importantly, your authenticity.Keep it up!

Amazing podcast episode!

There is nothing to not like about KC Rossi and her podcast. She is the most caring and down to earth person and she truly has a heart for service. You can tell by listening to
her that she cares deeply about not only her audience but her guests as well. She is a joy to listen to and her guests are always insightful and inspiring. Thank you, KC, for
providing such value to those who listen to your broadcasts.


KC covers just the right topics with just the right level of depth. This podcast is easy to listen to and I have found it inspiring on so many levels. I am finding my thoughts
funneled in the right direction after listening to episodes covering various topics that are geared toward women like me who are stepping into the possibilities of