Women Developing Brilliance® - The Spirit of Business With Kc Rossi

Women Developing Brilliance® - The Spirit of Business With Kc Rossi

Hosted by: Kc Rossi

Building a profitable business and soul-aligned life takes work. Join Mindset Coach Kc Rossi each week as she shares strategies to elevate your vitality, visibility, and vibration. If you’re a leader looking to...

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#168 - 7 Easy Ways to Instantly Elevate Your Brand

When was the last time that you looked at your brand with fresh eyes? It’s common to miss opportunities that can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. In today’s episode, you will learn 7 easy ways to instantly...
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#167: Get Soulful Success with Alison Proffit

Using a cookie-cutter approach to business oftentimes can leave you feeling out of alignment, frustrated, and spinning your wheels. There is a better way and it starts with personalizing each and every aspect of your...
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#166: My 17 Illuminating Life Lessons of 2021

A lot of life happens in one year! It’s helpful to hear about the behind-the-scenes ups and downs of someone else’s journey. My hope is that you get a big takeaway that supports you on your path. Cheers! In this...
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#165: How to Achieve Wholistic Wealth

Many times we fall into the trap of thinking that money is the main thing that will make us happy. To me, there are actually 6 segments that we need to integrate for true fulfillment. Tune in to today’s episode to...
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#164: Creating Magic at Work with Amy Lynn Durham

Isn’t it time to release competitive and ego-based workplaces? As we continue to shift the hustle culture paradigm and move towards heart wisdom and compassionate leadership, spiritual intelligence is a powerful tool...
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What I Wish I Knew When I First Started Out

Episode #163

I've been an entrepreneur since 1991— so this year marks my 30th year anniversary!! Learn the #1 thing that I wish I invested in right in the beginning — It would've saved a ton of struggle and a whole lot of...
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Leaders Break Free with Iva Paleckova

Episode #162

When we see a female woman rising up and creating a life and business that she loves, there is an instant sense of If she can do it, so can I! Iva Paleckova shares her inspirational story of how she went from...
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Conversations from the Heart with Audrey Cavenecia

Episode #161

With all the confusion and chaos we are experiencing globally, authentic communication and human connection are not only nice to haves but must-haves. Powerful conversations shift perspectives, melt away differences,...
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Using Yin Yang Synergy to Master Your Day

Episode #160

Hustle culture praises the push and grind mindset in business. This excessive yang energy leaves us anxious and burned out. To master your day, it takes a balance of yin and yang essences. Learn how to harness the...
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#159: Reclaim Your Power with Stephanie Dodier

Do you hold back from being your best self because you think you should have a different body size? If so, you are not alone! In today’s episode, Clinical Nutritionist and Intuitive Eating Expert, Stephanie Dodier...
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Mindset Over Mechanics - Why You Don’t Need Another Stinking Strategy

Episode #158

How many times have you fallen into the trap of signing up for a strategy that promises that you’ll make $X dollars in Y days? It’s so easy to believe that you’re missing a magical formula that everyone else seems to...
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Upgrade Your Identity and Improve Your Reality By Acting “As If” Today

Episode #157

Have you tried to manifest your desires before with lackluster results? Psychologist, Alfred Adler, discovered the power of playing the part that embodies the qualities you admire before it’s absolutely a reality. In...
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