What I Wish I Knew When I First Started Out

Episode #163

I've been an entrepreneur since 1991— so this year marks my 30th year anniversary!!

Learn the #1 thing that I wish I invested in right in the beginning — It would've saved a ton of struggle and a whole lot of doubt.

If you're reading this, know that you have everything inside of you that you will ever need. You have all the answers, wisdom, beauty, glory, and grace. 💖💖💖

You don't need another program, certification, or expert blueprint. You are your own infinite "Google."

Once you lean into that with your full heart, life opens up, insecurity starts to shift and dissolve, and your full self will start to shine brighter. 

Start small with something you can practice on. Listen to your gut, take action without second-guessing (or phoning a friend! LOL), and test your results.

Once you develop and call on your intuition muscle, it will grow stronger.


Listener Feedback:


Very powerful content

This podcast helps women and I love that. I believe that every one of us has something inside, something that can make another person’s life better. But it doesn’t happen on its own - you have to do a little work! This podcast gives you a peek into how to do it, how to develop your own genius, one step at a time. Kc is AWESOME!

Tatiana Tsoir from the United States


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Kc Rossi is a Mindset and Self-Leadership Coach who helps women entrepreneurs and leaders go from people-pleasing burned-out perfectionists to profitable powerhouses. She’s been a full-time entrepreneur since 1991 and has built six and 7+ figure businesses. Kc is on a mission to help women achieve wholistic wealth without burning out. If you’re interested in learning more about coaching with Kc, book a complimentary Strategy Session here: https://www.kcrossi.com/strategy

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