Conversations from the Heart with Audrey Cavenecia

Episode #161

With all the confusion and chaos we are experiencing globally, authentic communication and human connection are not only nice to haves but must-haves. Powerful conversations shift perspectives, melt away differences, and inspire our souls.


In this Women Developing Brilliance® — The Spirit of Business episode we discuss:

🔥 How bringing your full self to the table opens the door to bridging gaps and unifying hearts

🔥 The importance of storytelling  

🔥 The key ingredient to effective communication

🔥 Qualities of a powerful leader and effective changemaker

🔥 How you can start to practice using your voice (even if you’re an introvert)


Listener Feedback:


Excellent presentation and professionalism

Kc brings amazing guests every week and I learn a lot each time. I’m inspired by the stories told and come away every time with renewed energy and mindset. -Qwamilla from the United States


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More on Audrey:

Audrey Cavenecia is the Chief Content Officer, Co-producer for Amplify Voices, the co-host alongside NFL coach Pete Carroll for the Amplify Voices podcast, and host of the Unlikely podcast on leadership. A talented storyteller and visionary systems thinker, Audrey has decades of experience in leadership development, entertainment production, and content marketing with a focus on championing humanity in all people.

She has worked with some of the most influential leaders in the world—including speaker and author Tony Robbin alongside and Oracle founder Larry Ellison—to develop and empower new visionaries as well as build major brands through stories and insights around authentic human connection. No matter the sector, she continues to build bridges between what is and what can be, with storytelling as the scaffolding.


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