#159: Reclaim Your Power with Stephanie Dodier

Do you hold back from being your best self because you think you should have a different body size? If so, you are not alone! In today’s episode, Clinical Nutritionist and Intuitive Eating Expert, Stephanie Dodier shares the damaging effects of diet culture and what you can do about it. If you are tired of waiting for something different to happen before you live the way you really want to, this chat is for you.

In this Women Developing Brilliance® — The Spirit of Business episode we discuss:

🌹 What diet culture is and how it’s damaging your self-esteem and self-trust

🌹 How negative self-talk and body image keep female entrepreneurs from scaling their business and suppresses their profitability

🌹 The stigma around emotional eating (and it’s not what you think!)

🌹 A powerful step towards being an intuitive eater

🌹 The positive trickle-down effect of having body neutrality

Listener Feedback:


Very inspiring!

It’s so great that KC brings in such powerful women who really are doing great work in the world. It’s always wonderful hearing stories of success and success tips. -Great content! from the United States


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More About Stephanie:

Stephanie Dodier is a Clinical Nutritionist, Intuitive Eating Expert, and host of The Beyond the Food Show whose integrative and comprehensive approach helps women make peace with their bodies and quit diet culture. With an audience in 92 countries for her The Beyond the Food Show and her membership program Conquer & Thrive, she helps women like her take back control of their eating behaviors using the Going Beyond The Food Method™️, her proprietary, and countercultural approach.

Stephanie’s health journey began 6 years ago while working as a senior executive in a Fortune 500 corporation. After collapsing on stage, she was diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions and went on a search to found ͞Going Beyond the Food, a self-care eating framework geared towards ditching the diet mindset, quitting body shaming, and transforming their relationship to food for good.


Connect with Stephanie: https://www.stephaniedodier.com/roadmap/