Upgrade Your Identity and Improve Your Reality By Acting “As If” Today

Episode #157

Have you tried to manifest your desires before with lackluster results? Psychologist, Alfred Adler, discovered the power of playing the part that embodies the qualities you admire before it’s absolutely a reality. In this episode, you will learn a key skill when it comes to the law of attraction so you can experience your desires now. Start increasing your vibration and upgrading your identity to make your visualizations come to life.


In today's Women Developing Brilliance® episode, you will learn:

✨ How the Law of Attraction is shaping your experiences

✨ What not to miss when it comes to the Mindset Cascade™

✨ How to get unstuck and kick start momentum

✨ The 1 thing you have to remember when using the “Acting As If” tool 

✨ How to define who you want to be + the thoughts, beliefs, and actions needed to embody that now


Listener Feedback:


Kc is awesome!

Kc is such a great host! A perfect mix of mindfulness and hardcore business. Highly recommend this show!

Margy F from the United States


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Kc Rossi is a Mindset and Self-Leadership Coach who helps women entrepreneurs and leaders go from people-pleasing burned-out perfectionists to profitable powerhouses. She’s been a full-time entrepreneur since 1991 and has built six and 7+ figure businesses. Kc is on a mission to help women achieve wholistic wealth without burning out. If you’re interested in learning more about coaching with Kc, book a complimentary Strategy Session here: https://www.kcrossi.com/strategy

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