Calling in Clarity with Suzy Carroll

Episode #60

In this episode, Kc interviews Suzy Carroll; mentor to mission-inspired women, a recovered “busyness” addict, and the founder of the Alchemy of Feminine Leadership™.

Suzy is a suicide survivor. This life event as a young adult ignited a life-long quest to “be enough.” In her late forty’s, she completely burned out and suffered adrenal fatigue after juggling it all for decades. She sold her brick and mortar business and began a quest of a different kind – opening her eyes to the societal legacy that indoctrinates women and so often leads to overwhelm and to women diminishing their own light.

Suzy calls on her 35 years of business, leadership and life experience to guide women to further their mission by revealing what's getting in their way and then letting go of a millennium of messages and legacies that women carry forward.


Here are the minute markers with the highlights of this episode:

  • 00:00:52 How Suzy Defines Mission
  • 00:01:35 Self-proclaimed "Busyness Addict"
  • 00:05:22 3 Traits That Can Get Women Into Trouble
  • 00:10:08 Her BIG AHA From A Year-Long Sabbatical
  • 00:15:07 3 Questions To Bring You Back Into The Present Moment
  • 00:17:39 Core Wound Explained
  • 00:21:15 Case Study - How To Say No
  • 00:23:13 Women Are Waking Up
  • 00:25:48 Defining a Brilliant Woman


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