Professional Mediation with Michaele Gantz

Episode #48

Michaele Gantz is a Professional Mediator.

She has a B.S. in psychology from SUNY Brockport, holds a position on the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation, and is experienced in marital and family mediation of all sorts as well as community and business mediation.

Michaele has an extensive record of facilitating compromises that save time, resources, and distress as those involved reshape their lives. Throughout the mediation process, Michaele serves as a guide for each individual, using focused discussions to define the issues and explore fair settlement options

Minute markers with the highlights:

00:01:45 Mediation over litigation

00:06:14 How to stay neutral in trying situations

00:08:40 The biggest benefit of networking

00:10:13 Protecting your reputation

00:10:54 Michaele's WHY behind what she does

00:11:34 Thrive Business Thrive - a message from our sponsor

00:12:38 How she protects her energy in this demanding career

00:14:31 Managing the work/life balance

00:18:46 Top female empowerment resources

00:20:13 The scoop on "Evolve"


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