#166: My 17 Illuminating Life Lessons of 2021

A lot of life happens in one year! It’s helpful to hear about the behind-the-scenes ups and downs of someone else’s journey. My hope is that you get a big takeaway that supports you on your path. Cheers!

In this unique Women Developing Brilliance®  - The Spirit of Business episode, I share 17 of my illuminating life lessons from 2021.

Tune in to hear the celebrations and hard truths that this year offered.

For those that like a tidy list see below: :-)


My 17 Illuminating Life Lessons of 2021

  1. Ask for what you want
  2. Don’t change what’s working
  3. Pass if it’s not in alignment with your immediate goals 
  4. Give yourself space to heal
  5. Lay a boundary (even when it’s hard) 
  6. Release what doesn’t light you up
  7. Hire support (especially in areas you don’t love)
  8. Know when something is out of your scope of practice and be willing to say so
  9. Celebrate what makes you different
  10. Know what you’re selling and when 
  11. Let go of the need for validation and approval
  12. Don’t always trust the wrapping
  13. Craft family time in a way that works for your personality 
  14. Love is the best repair agent
  15. Practice acceptance daily  
  16. As you evolve, keep your audience in the loop 
  17. Do an annual year in review 

Which one of these lessons hit your heart the most? I'd love to know your biggest takeaway? Shoot me an email and let me know. :-)

See you next year! 🎉🎉🎉


Listener Feedback:


Fun, Insightful, Packed with Value!

Kc is a smart, down-to-earth interviewer who asks insightful questions and covers high-value topics. She is very gifted at drawing out all the golden nuggets from her guests which makes for an easy listening experience. I always walk away with fresh ideas to implement into my business!

Leslie Sharkey from the United States


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