EP#184: Startup Dojo with Anjalee Narenthiren

Many times we discount the wisdom our youth holds. Prepare to change your mind in this episode with Anjalee Narenthiren who started her first successful business at age 15! Sometimes getting a fresh perspective from a youngpreneur is exactly what we need to catch a spark of inspiration. 



In this Women Developing Brilliance® - The Spirit of Business episode, you will learn: 

💛 The youngpreneur advantage that’s helping ambitious teens change the world

💛 How to overcome common stumbling blocks as a start-up  

💛 Confidence tips from a keynote expert


Episode Mentions:

Seth Godin

Startup Dojo


More on Anjalee:

Anjalee Narenthiren is the speaker, Program Director at Startup Dojo, and host of the Youngpreneur podcast. Anjalee is an international VEX Robotics champion, having beat over 20,000 teams in two consecutive years. She also founded her first startup at age 15. Currently, she is enrolled in the Jerome Fischer M&T Program at The University of Pennsylvania – pursuing a double degree with the Wharton School Of Business and Penn School of Engineering.

Through high school, Anjalee built Techxplore.co, a startup that has helped bring tech education to over a thousand kids. TechExplore has been featured in prominent publications like the Toronto Star and Thompson Reuters’ HR Reporter.

Anjalee has become a sought-after speaker through her work, giving keynote addresses at large conferences like the AI World Forum and a Google Conference held in Sunnyvale, California. By the age of 18, she had already been invited to speak to over 1000s of people cumulatively to share her experience.


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"No fluff here! I love how Kc always asks for and gives practical tips and examples." - mollyc1 from the USA


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