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Lynn Therrien | Psychotherapist, Attachment Therapist 

"Prior to signing up for coaching, I was hesitant because of the financial investment and I was unsure whether Kc would understand my field of work. Since working with Kc, she not only understands exactly the type of work I do but was someone I could lean on (which made the world of difference and the support was like no other!). Kc’s empathy and compassion are invaluable. Her knowledge was worth every dollar spent. Knowing I had Kc to lean on kept me from downward spiraling. I would absolutely recommend Kc’s business coaching to other solopreneurs! She’s changed my life both personally and professionally."

Meet Kc Rossi


Kc Rossi is a Business & Leadership Coach who helps high-achievers go from people-pleasing burned-out perfectionists to profitable powerhouses.

She’s been a full-time entrepreneur since 1991 and has built six and 7+ figure businesses. Kc is a Certified Aromatherapist, Mind-Body Eating Coach, and NLP Practitioner. This allows her to bring an integrated and intuitive approach to her coaching. 

Kc is the Founder of The Soulprint Method®, a system that combines energy, mindset, and spirituality. This holistic approach provides extreme clarity, dissolves limiting beliefs, improves performance, and opens the way to experience and share your full potential. 

She is the host of Women Developing Brilliance® — The Spirit of Business; a show dedicated to cultivating confidence, increasing visibility, elevating vibration, and leading with purpose.

When she’s offline you can find her whipping up plant-based eats or hiking the Finger Lakes Trail in Upstate, New York.

Kc is an Executive Contributor of Brainz Magazine. Her work has been highlighted in ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Thrive Global, SmallBizDaily, International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapists, Female Entrepreneurial Association, and The Smart Girl Tribe.

Kc Rossi Spiritual Business Coach

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Sharon CassanoLochman | #1 Best-selling Author, Writing Coach

"I enrolled in Kc Rossi’s coaching program because she offered the tools I needed for success under one platform. It was clear I needed help. I was spread thin over several websites without a cohesive link. I was drowning in marketing strategies as I struggled with unrealized goals and earning potential. I met Kc through a Women’s Network. She was upbeat, a great listener, and genuinely sincere. She invited me to follow her Facebook page, and shortly after that, I booked a call, which would ultimately mark a pivotal point in my life both professionally and personally. Kc gently guided me through an intense and rewarding revitalization of my business framework through her holistic approach that nudged me in directions I never thought possible. She ushered forth loads of self-worth strategies that supported the whole of me through her top-notch coaching program before releasing the most impressive web design and branding. Through Kc’s coaching program, I have blossomed into a leading authority in my field of expertise as I help aspiring authors realize their writing dreams."

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