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Grow Your Soul-Aligned Business with Joy

Increase your impact and income without burning out.

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You're brilliant.

Now it's time to level up in a way that lights you up!

I help mission-driven women CEOs and creatives grow their service-based businesses working less than 30 hours per week.

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Kc Rossi Business Coach
Kc Rossi Spiritual Business Coach for Women
Kc Rossi, Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor
Kc Rossi published author and podcaster
Kc Rossi Leadership Coach for Creatives

Calling all entrepreneurs, leaders, lightworkers, change agents, and creatives — The world needs your heart-centered goodness


You're ready to step into your power and serve in a greater capacity.

And you desire...

  • More consistent cash flow
  • Less time in front of the computer
  • More "me time," travel, fun, and fulfillment
  • Less scattered strategies 
  • More support

I can help you increase your confidence, visibility, vibration, and profits while still having energy for your personal life.

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What got you here, will get you there


You've probably heard the saying, "What got you here, won't get you there." And to some extent that's true. 

Staying in your comfort zone keeps you playing small and sets you up for a life of regrets.

But I also believe that what got you here, WILL get you there in the fact that you didn't land here by happenstance.

Your diligence to research your next best move shows me that you are smart, motivated, and willing to do the work. 

Those qualities coupled with a drive to serve & succeed will get you to where you want to go!

Michelle Gilbert Holistic Tech Strategist

Yolanda Heath, ND | Naturopathic Doctor

After being in business for over 15 years, I felt overwhelmed, spent, and lacked direction. Since coaching with Kc, I feel more confident in my decisions and have more direction when making choices of how to move forward and clear direction for my educational classes. Our weekly meetings keep the momentum and me on task. Honestly, everything has been better than I expected! I have already recommended Kc to several entrepreneurs and I do so without any hesitation! Kc is the best to work with!” 

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A six-month one-on-one coaching program that supports women entrepreneurs grow a profitable and soul-aligned business.

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Weekly Calls

Weekly coaching sessions (up to 45-minutes) where you'll get:

  • Clarity
  • Insight
  • Direction
  • Motivation
  • Accountablity


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Strategic Planning

We will ink goals for the upcoming quarter using a 5-pillar system — establishing action items that initiate:

  1. Courageous visibility
  2. Build conscious connections
  3. Attract consistent clients
  4. Acquire magnetic sales
  5. Astonish clients and bring in referrals 
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Soulful Support

  • Monday through Friday Email support so that you are never stuck or alone
  • Monday through Friday Voxer (free walkie-talkie app) support so you have a "phone a friend" in your back pocket to keep the momentum
  • A personalized technique/tool via audio file per month (i.e. meditation, visualization, affirmations) to keep your vibes high

Plus, you get access to laser-focused trainings, templates, swipe files, and my network so you can implement fast and get back to doing what you love.

Michelle Gilbert Holistic Tech Strategist

Michelle Gilbert, CCA | Holistic Tech Strategist

“I really needed someone who WOULD take into account how I'm wired, what my personal challenges are, what I'm best built to do. Kc was there for me 100%. It gave me a huge boost anytime she cheered me on, and her constructive feedback was always on point, brilliant, and easy to implement. I appreciated the unique mix of being task-oriented while still diving into mindset, which can be very slippery. I wholeheartedly recommend Kc for anyone who is SERIOUS about up-leveling their business and is ready to show up for themselves, their work, and their audience. You'll learn methods and processes that you can apply to everything you do going forward, and you'll be supported with not only business and tech expertise and a clearly experienced eye for effective copy but also a safe, powerful container for the personal transformation that naturally accompanies such rapid professional growth."

It's Your Time to Shine

If I can go from working at McDonald's
to creating a million-dollar business, you can too!

The Soulprint Method® — Full Pay


One-time investment

  • Weekly Coaching
  • Quarterly Strategic Planning
  • M-F Email support
  • M-F Voxer support
  • Trainings, Templates, Swipe files, and more

The Soulprint Method® — Pay Plan


Per month for 6 months

  • Weekly Coaching
  • Quarterly Strategic Planning
  • M-F Email support
  • M-F Voxer support
  • Trainings, Templates, Swipe files, and more
Michelle Gilbert Holistic Tech Strategist

Andrea Butje | Renowned Aromatherapy Educator & Author

"When hiring a business coach, you need someone you can trust. Kc is that person. Kc’s dedication to her work shines through and illuminates her skill and generosity. She is consistent, focused, and brilliant. Kc is a great listener and a beautiful person.
I highly recommend her!”

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