I love supporting driven entrepreneurs. That's why I carve out time for powerful conversations on a weekly basis.

You'll get my undivided attention during our session together and leave refreshed with clear insights on how to grow your business and what might be getting in the way.

If I’m the best person to help you moving forward, awesome. If not, I will provide suggestions and/or resources for you to continue the journey. Either way, you’ll confidently know your next best steps.

I encourage you to follow your instincts. If you’re ready to take action and invest in yourself then you’re in the perfect spot for guidance. 

Note: This complimentary call is for new clients only.

Client Feedback…


“I was juggling so much and Kc was able to focus my energy which created clarity and my business began to build. It’s as if I was using a wide-angle lens for a close-up shot. Kc showed me how to hone in on my skills and use more effective tools to complete the job.

I like knowing that there is someone I can turn to who has experience – and who is honest in researching answers when coming across new territory.

As a small business owner, the natural sense is that you can accomplish it all. Kc brings clarity and keeps me on track. She is thorough without taking over and forcing anything.

Since working with Kc, I am so excited to share my work with a larger audience in a way that is easy for them – and that can create beneficial shifts in their lives now.

I absolutely would recommend Kc. If you feel you are never doing enough, accomplishing enough, offering enough: hire Kc. She will bring you focus, ease your stress and will be the behind the scenes business advocate you need.”

Lucy Bartimole
Founder, Shift with Lucy

“Kc helps me make my creative vision for my business a reality. She is a true expert for solopreneurs.

Kc gets me over my technology blocks and provides the structure and processes that allow me to move forward. Prior to hiring Kc, I was stuck. I could not move forward without help. I knew what I wanted, but I did not have all the skills to accomplish and make my visions/projects come to life. Kc’s expertise is crucial to the success of my programs and my business. She is like a trusted advisor I can rely on, and as a solopreneur that is priceless and crucial to my success.”

Jodi Baglien
Clinical Certified Aromatherapist

Kc’s wise guidance has helped me to bring my business from a hopeful dream into a reality. Kc possesses a unique ability to understand how the personal, financial, and spiritual aspects of business development interconnect. Her coaching sessions brilliantly weave personal transformation with solid business development. She has a positive, sincere, and practical approach that inspires me every day!

Cindy Black
L.Ac., LMT, Big Tree School of Natural Healing

“After working with Kc, I have a greater vocabulary and a more robust toolbox, but the thing I value most is the empowerment I feel to explore areas that previously intimidated me too much to delve into. It’s fun for me now (mostly) rather than frustrating. Her insight in these times has catalyzed great work and built my confidence by leaps and bounds. I am so grateful that Kc can offer me the encouragement and tools for all of my goals but especially around my weakest links. Kc is more than a coach of your business, she cares about you as a whole person.”

Petra Page-Mann
Founder, Fruition Seeds

“I reached out to Kc because my business was “stuck” and I had no idea of how to move it forward. I felt clueless on what and how to proceed with social media, web design, sales pages, branding, logos, colors, etc. Everything needed an updated professional look and redesign. I truly needed professional help if I was going to succeed.

Kc to the rescue!

She is AMAZING! She truly cares, listens, encourages, understands, and even gently pokes at you when you need a little shove.

She understands the ups and downs of being a solopreneur in today’s demanding world. She has a way of blending business with spirituality, after all, it’s about being true to yourself, and authentic in your business.

I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for that one-of-a-kind, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable professional business coach (with a great smile)!”

Ivana Nelson
Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Blissfully in Tune

“Kc Rossi is the real deal. An experienced professional and human being. Open to learning new things and eager to share what she has learned. I’m so glad she came into my life at the perfect time.

She’s a “10!”

Kc delightfully understands, encourages, and supports with humor, insight, and enthusiasm.”

Kerry Jones
Certified Color Analyst, Indigo Tones

“I’m very right brained, and I feel like I have my fingers dipped into too many paints! Kc directed and narrowed down a few key points that I can focus on. I feel more organized and focused. This was very helpful because I tend to get overwhelmed with all of the many hats I wear. The positivity and insight Kc shares is genuine and inspiring.

Kc has a lot of experience being a solopreneur herself, she is familiar with the ups and downs and the straight realness of what it takes to work for yourself. Her passion shines brightly with attentiveness and true integrity. I feel many others would benefit from Kc’s talent for creative businesses.”

Geenah Caragliu
Founder, Wild Plants Love You

“This was a journey to marry my past experience with my new dream and refocus energy to make something unique that can also grow and thrive. She kept me honest, which was one of the things I requested. I would recommend Kc as a Business Coach. She is willing to change her template and modify it to client needs rather than making the client fit a predetermined timetable or path. Not every business fits a SCORE template, especially a micro-business that pushes the envelope to new paths. I went into this having no expectations other than to try and enjoy the journey and find out where it led. I do not believe that I would be as sure that where I am headed is the correct path if I had not worked with Kc.”

Martha Mosher
Founder, Quilted Care

“Working with Kc has been a good business decision for me. With her energetic and positive attitude, Kc helped me focus and prioritize what seemed like an overwhelming amount of tasks. Kc helped me define my client avatar,introduced me to new and more efficient technologies and walked me through an amazing branding process. Starting a new business can be stressful and lonely. A call with Kc is sure to cheer you up and inspire you to keep moving forward. I am now more confident launching Cherry Hill Aromas with the support I received from Kc. I highly recommend her services.”

Cheryl Desmond
Certified Aromatherapist, Cherry Hill Aromas


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