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I love supporting ambitious entrepreneurial leaders on a mission to serve.
 That's why I carve out time for powerful conversations on a weekly basis.

You'll get my undivided attention during your complimentary call and leave refreshed with clear insights & motivation to continue to thrive.

If I’m the best person to help you moving forward, awesome. If not, I will provide suggestions and/or resources for you to continue the journey. Either way, you’ll confidently know your next best steps.

I encourage you to follow your instincts. If you’re ready to take action and invest in yourself then you’re in the perfect spot for guidance. 

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Lynn Therrien | Registered Psychotherapist 

"Prior to signing up for coaching, I was hesitant because of the financial investment and I was unsure whether Kc would understand my field of work. Since working with Kc, she not only understands exactly the type of work I do but was someone I could lean on (which made the world of difference and the support was like no other!). Kc’s empathy and compassion are invaluable. Her knowledge was worth every dollar spent. Knowing I had Kc to lean on kept me from downward spiraling. I would absolutely recommend Kc’s business coaching to other solopreneurs!
She’s changed my life both personally and professionally."

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Nynke Hoekstra | Healing Mentor for Women

"My strategy session with Kc was very powerful. Kc is a great listener, and easy to talk to. She made me feel comfortable right away. She managed to help me create clarity around a topic I was struggling with and gave me some fresh perspectives. She knows how to guide you to what is really important and I loved that. I would definitely recommend anyone to work with Kc."

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Dr. Kelly Ablard | PhD, RA, EOT

"I was hesitant to sign up for business coaching because I wasn’t sure how helpful it would be. I was
feeling overwhelmed and didn’t have the tools under my belt to transition our dream into reality. Working with Kc on new branding, copywriting, course development, and web development has been extremely informative, exciting, and transformative. I am so proud of the work we have accomplished! I never could have imagined the business and marketing skills I learned along the way, nor could I have envisioned such a top-quality outcome. Honestly, I can’t think of anything that could have been improved! I’m most excited now to take our business to new heights on a global scale! I would absolutely recommend Kc Rossi as a Business Coach because she is knowledgeable, motivating, consistent, engaged, positive, and always supportive. Kc takes her work very seriously and is completely dedicated to her clients' success!"

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