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The Soulprint Method®

A 10-week group coaching program for women entrepreneurs who want to
know thyself to live, love, and lead better.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed in today’s world. Sometimes it can feel like despite your best efforts you’re still chasing your tail, hoping for better results, and exhausted by the end of the day.

Deep down you know there’s something more. If you stop to think about it, there are encouraging hints and messages continuing to show up on your path. At times, it feels like you’re “getting it” whatever “it” is — and things flow easier for a while. And then old patterns surface like groundhog’s day! This dance of one step forward two steps back is getting old.

A big myth in personal development is that we can hope and wish ourselves to a better reality. However, there are many more layers to mindset and transformational change.

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The Soulprint Method® - Group Coaching
I’ve discovered a system (as unique as your fingerprint) that goes through each of these layers and it produces powerful results.

It’s called The Soulprint Method®
In The Soulprint Method® you will learn tools to create long-lasting change. You will be equipped with scientifically proven strategies (like neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique, and the law of attraction to name a few) that dissolve limiting beliefs and remove roadblocks out of your path to your desires.
Now is the time for women entrepreneurs and female leaders to do the deep work so they can serve on a bigger level while increasing their profits.


Are you ready to continue on the journey to self-actualization?

During our 10-weeks together you will:

  • Get to the heart of your soul purpose so that you can live, love, and lead better

  • Learn how to integrate the masculine/linear/logical elements with your feminine/fluid/intuitive essence for wholistic synergy

  • Understand the Mindset Cascade™ and learn how it has the power to put you in the driver’s seat of your life and the CEO position of your business

  • Recognize how your judgments affect the way you show up in the world and what to do about it

  • Define your core values which will improve your boundary setting as well as your communication and copywriting skills

  • Cultivate a high vibration so you will be an energetic match for your divine right clients and personal desires

  • Use my Decision Matrix and other tools to make confident and speedy decisions (no more spinning around in circles!)

  • Integrate the mind space, heart wisdom, and gut instinct (brain cells in your belly) for grounded clarity and intuition development

  • Increase self-efficacy to improve performance and create magnetic content

  • Practice how to be antifragile so you feel strong in these times of uncertainty and chaos

  • Learn how to architect masterpiece days for sustainable energy and joy

Finish the year strong and Discover Your Soulprint before you ring in 2022

There are limited seats available.

Register today and receive $1,000 off (with the full pay offer) as a founding member.

I’m excited about this new offering because most times you don’t need another strategy to succeed. You and your mindset are usually the bottlenecks to elevating. The cool thing is you have the power to change that, and I’m here to help!

Once you understand that it is mindset over mechanics, you hold the blueprint to architect your destiny. How empowering is that?

The Soulprint Method® Details:

A 10-week group coaching program for women entrepreneurs who want to know thyself to live, love, and lead better. Join us! 

Group coaching for high-achieving business women

Happy Hour Mixer

An initial meet and greet (on Zoom) to build our powerful community and cultivate sacred space to share and grow together

The Soulprint Method® - Group Coaching with Mindset Coach Kc Rossi

Group Coaching Sessions

Weekly coaching sessions (on Zoom) to dive deep into the training, get personal guidance and ask any questions

(Replays available for 24/7 access)

Spiritual Business Coach for Women

Private Coaching

A private wrap-up one-on-one coaching session to review what had the biggest impact on you, anchor in your strategy to continue powerful momentum, and answer any remaining questions

Business Coach for Spiritual Female Entrepreneurs

Facebook Group

In-between support in my private Facebook group so you can draw on the collective brain of our group, contribute and ask questions between coaching sessions (managed by me weekly)

Wholistic Wealth for Wise Women with Kc Rossi

Powerful Exercises

To embrace the new learnings, work through any obstacles, and take the theory and put it into immediate action

Awesome Business and Mindset Coach for Women

Support PDFs

Step-by-step guidance to capture your big AHA moments, journal, and grab the highlights fast

This program is for you if:

✨ You’re interested in personal development to improve your life and business

✨ You’re called to step into your power

✨ Are ready to use your voice unapologetically

✨ You’re committed to elevating your vitality, visibility, and vibration

✨ You want to make faster decisions and manage your time better

✨ You desire to build your intuition and increase self-trust

✨ You know dialing in your confidence will have a positive trickle effect in all areas of your life and biz

✨ You’re pulled to be with a group of other high-vibe female lighthouses

✨ You want to design your days in a way that feels energetically in alignment

✨ You know in your gut that it’s time (and you didn’t just land on this page by happenstance)

One-Time Payment
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I’m ready to go all-in...are you?

There are limited seats available.

What will waiting do for you? Jump on the founding member price today and save big!

If you’re ready to tap into your purpose and increase your profits I invite you to join us.


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Business coaches

Michelle Gilbert, CCA | Holistic Tech Strategist

“I really needed someone who WOULD take into account how I'm wired, what my personal challenges are, what I'm best built to do. Kc was there for me 100%. It gave me a huge boost anytime she cheered me on, and her constructive feedback was always on point, brilliant, and easy to implement. I appreciated the unique mix of being task-oriented while still diving into mindset, which can be very slippery. I wholeheartedly recommend Kc for anyone who is SERIOUS about up-leveling their business and is ready to show up for themselves, their work, and their audience. You'll learn methods and processes that you can apply to everything you do going forward, and you'll be supported with not only business and tech expertise and a clearly experienced eye for effective copy but also a safe, powerful container for the personal transformation that naturally accompanies such rapid professional growth."

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