A 12-week group coaching program for female solopreneurs that will help you increase your clarity, confidence, and cash flow without second-guessing every move.

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Get Ready to Run Your Business
Without the Struggle

Imagine waking up energized, excited about your business, and eager to see what the new day will bring. After a brief morning routine to ensure all of your needs are met, you enter your workday with calm and ease.

You're passionate about bringing your creativity and service to the world. You feel grateful to work with your dream clients and connect with them in a deep and meaningful way. You’re making a difference in the world, which is reflected by those around you.

Life is good and you’re able to close each day with a sense of love, peace, and satisfaction.


while developing a sustainable business that gives you the freedom and fulfillment that you desire ...
but right now, it may be hard to see the forest through the trees.

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Heather Hogan | Clinical Aromatherapist

"I’ve never worked with a business coach so the price was my only hesitation before signing up. However, I knew that I needed guidance because I had no idea where to start. Kc has a way of making you step out of your comfort zone and embrace the fear. We worked on my company brand, which I’m so proud of now. She helped me step into my power by using my voice to clarify my message and define my audience. After Kc’s input, I feel confident with my marketing materials now. I even hired her to create my shelf talker and social media posts, which I love! I’ve grown as a person and as a business owner. Whenever I get stuck, she answers any question I have or makes a tutorial for me. She has truly helped me grow my business! I feel like I gained not only a trusted advisor but a friend for life.”

Instead of going through your day with ease and flow, you may be feeling:

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  • Out of sync with current digital marketing tactics and confused about what WILL work for a helping/healing business
  • Stuck in your own head and it’s starting to control your whole world
  • Second guessing your next move, allowing fear and self-doubt to constantly take over 
  • Frustrated by tech roadblocks that make you want to pull your hair out
  • Unbearably  overwhelmed with other systems and blueprints that you don’t understand
  • Tired of rewriting the same goals that have been on your “to-do” list for months 
  • Exasperated about purchasing one more course that you thought was your “golden ticket” but it just gets filed with the rest of the pile

If you’re nodding your head because you can relate -
you’re in the right place!


One that allows you to spend more time with your family, craft a schedule that works for your life, work fewer hours, and feel fulfilled by the work that you were put on this planet to do.

That’s why I developed
Thrive Tribe®

Thrive Tribe® is a group coaching program that makes building and growing your business accessible and fun, with a mindful eye on your inner self.

I’ve created my own 6 and 7-figure companies and helped women just like you manifest their ideas into successful businesses that provide freedom and financial security. 

This program uses a unique integrated approach that combines practical business strategies, effective mindset work, and the power of peer support.

This trifecta powerfully guides each member of the Tribe towards deeper transformation and results.

Thrive Tribe - Kc Rossi Group Coaching
Enroll Today and Save –– Next round goes up $1K
Kc Rossi, Business and Mindset Coach
Kc Rossi, Business and Mindset Coach

It’s normal to look for some kind of reassurance whenever we invest our limited time and resources into a new endeavor. I get it! I’ve been an entrepreneur for the majority of my life and deeply involved in the holistic world for many years.

I’m a certified aromatherapist, certified mind-body coach, certified mindset coach, and a daily meditator. This combination grants me unique insight into what it takes to make an integrated business succeed - and it’s not the typical marketing strategies that work for the mainstream. 

 It’s so important to have a clear path laid out. And moreover, someone you can trust who has walked the walk and is willing to share their years of experience so you don’t have to make the same mistakes or missteps.

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Dr. Laura Gonzalez | Holistic Health Coach

"I followed and communicated with Kc for 3 years before I signed up for coaching. I was earning very little income and stuck in a course-carrousel (paying for 1 program after another). I felt insecure and not prepared to learn or use new technology or social media. After working with Kc, my attitude has changed. I feel more comfortable exploring new areas of knowledge. I am learning that everything is doable, figuratively. I trust and admire her. I feel I am in good hands. I’m embracing how to write as a solopreneur. I love her passion for helping other women. Her knowledge of the business world and new technologies are extraordinary. Also, I like how humble she is. She tries to meet us where we are and bring us where we are supposed to be. That is a gift in itself. During our time together, she helped me formulate my company name, brand, business foundation, messaging, website copy, pricing, and taught me modern marketing. I’m so pleased to have experienced the metamorphosis of this new puzzle of becoming a solopreneur. I am very happy to observe and feel the evolution of my hobby into a real business. The whole process has been fascinating. I’m excited to be a part of Kc’s Tribe and will continue to recommend her to other solopreneurs. I feel she’s always there for me, by my side. I feel calm, supported, and inspired. I would love to attend a conference and see her in action, not only online but in person.”

Allow me to help you navigate your path into a joyful journey. Here’s what you will receive from this
3-Month Group Coaching Program:

  • One 60-minute kickstart coaching session. Our chance to personally connect and clarify your goals before diving in with the group. 
  • Weekly 60-minute online group coaching sessions where you can connect and feel supported by other women driven by integrity - just like you.
  • Access to Thrive Business Thrive™; step-by-step modules that take you through every stage of building a holistic business from the ground up, propelling you from concept to clients. 
  • Monthly Guest Expert trainings guaranteed to take your business to the next level. Includes how to write sales copy that converts, how to overcome sales objections, and how to integrate the “woo” sides of yourself into your business.

Let’s make building your business enjoyable + profitable.

We start on Monday, November 9th

Let's get ahead of the curve so that our 2021 can be WAY better than our 2020!

Thrive Tribe Full Pay

$3,997.00 USD
Thrive Tribe Pay Plan

3 monthly payments of $1,433.00 USD

NOTE: The next round of Thrive Tribe will increase to $4,997. Take advantage of the current savings and enroll now.

During our group coaching sessions each week,
we’ll dive into imperative business-building topics like:

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The foundation that makes the difference.

I’ll teach you how to cultivate a growth mindset, utilizing neuro-linguistic programming tools and emotional freedom techniques to experience a noticeable and lasting difference.

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Visibility is the lifeblood of your business.

I’ll teach you time-saving tips for developing an editorial calendar + how to incorporate video into your marketing with confidence to cultivate those know, love, and trust factors needed to gain lasting clients.

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Despite creating your businesses to help and serve, you must make a profit in order to sustain your passion.

I will help you recognize and dissolve any money mindset blocks, teach you how to execute the perfect enrollment call, and address any pricing questions you have.

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Hot Seats

The 4th week of the month will be dedicated to individual hot seats.

This is your chance to place full attention on your goals and tap into customized business coaching.

It's the best of both worlds – one-on-one + group support.

Every call will have space for live Q&A - your opportunity to clarify any questions you have and get specific advice to keep up the momentum on your journey. All calls will be recorded so you can access the replays and listen again for deeper clarity.

Full Pay or Pay Plan

The choice is yours

Thrive Tribe Full Pay

$3,997.00 USD
Thrive Tribe Pay Plan

3 monthly payments of $1,433.00 USD

NOTE: The next round of Thrive Tribe will increase to $4,997. Take advantage of the current savings and enroll now.

You can succeed online, even if you’re not a tech-head.

It may seem like being super slick on the computer is required to run a successful business. If you're anxious about tech - no worries. Unraveling what feels like a knotted mess of cords is one of my superpowers! Empowering women to access the digital resources and tools available to run our businesses more effectively and efficiently is part of my mission.

We all need a trusted mentor. 

Someone who can act as a voice of reason, advise from a place of experience, and maintain a laser-focus to spot the hidden gems of you and your business potential. Growth requires both skill and insight to achieve maximum results. It’s also INFINITELY easier with a guide + a tribe. Having a business coach in your corner to guide and cheer you on could be the one thing to make everything click.

Plus, growing alongside other women who just “get you” and what you’re going through is invaluable.

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Being part of a tribe is a gift of greater excitement, support, and momentum as you work towards your business goals. I’m always so amazed at the power of connection + intention when a small group comes together for a unified purpose. Banding together as a tribe provides a unique dynamic for unparalleled growth. Our mini-network can provide a long-term support system as you establish relationships that last! Thrive Tribe™is intentionally limited in size so you feel confident to share in a safe space and have your voice heard. It also provides you with an economical way to experience what business coaching can do for you and your bottom line.

There’s no reason to walk this path alone. 

Being part of a meaningful tribe that gets you, your struggles, and what it takes to truly be holistic feels like a refreshing dip on a hot summer day!

It’s time to activate PROJECT YOU! 

Now is the time to move your business to the front burner and go “all in.” I encourage you to marinate on the achievement possibilities that focused accountability, guidance, and support can bring.

I'm happy to jump on a call
to make sure this is the perfect fit for you.

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2 Easy Options

Pay in full and save $304 or spread it out over 3 months for convenience.

Thrive Tribe Full Pay

$3,997.00 USD
Thrive Tribe Pay Plan

3 monthly payments of $1,433.00 USD

NOTE: The next round of Thrive Tribe will increase to $4,997. Take advantage of the current savings and enroll now.

Is Thrive Tribe Right For You?

This program was created for you if any of the following resonates:

  • You need accountability, high vibes, and direction to hit your goals, especially during the current COVID crisis.
  • You’ve been itching to grow a business that lights up your soul but you feel overwhelmed by all the details.
  • You desire a step-by-step plan that is concise and easy to follow but doesn't take forever to complete.
  • You value receiving direction from someone who has achieved exactly what you want for yourself.
  • You're tired of seeing your peers go after their dreams while your passion project collects dust year after year.


It’s time to get off the fence. Make your next decision to invest in yourself, starting now. You won’t regret it.

Will you be one of the 10? We start on Monday, November 9th.

Thrive Tribe Full Pay

$3,997.00 USD
Thrive Tribe Pay Plan

3 monthly payments of $1,433.00 USD

NOTE: The next round of Thrive Tribe will increase to $4,997. Take advantage of the current savings and enroll now.

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Jodi Baglien | Quella Essential Oils

Kc helps me make my creative vision for my business a reality. She is a true expert for solopreneurs. Love, love, love working with her, and all the care she gives my business. I realize how much we’ve done and how great this is. I am re-energized to plow through.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Martha Mosher | Quilted Care

“This was a journey to marry my past experience with my new dream and refocus energy to make something unique that can also grow and thrive. Kc kept me honest, which was one of the things I requested. I would recommend Kc as a Business Coach. She is willing to change her template and modify it to client needs rather than making the client fit a predetermined timetable or path. Not every business fits a SCORE template, especially a micro-business that pushes the envelope to new paths. I went into this having no expectations other than to try and enjoy the journey and find out where it led. I do not believe that I would be as sure that where I am headed is the correct path if I had not worked with Kc.


Nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment and
the self-satisfaction of rising to face your challenges and turning your vision into a reality.

Still have questions?

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