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A group coaching program that provides a clear step-by-step plan to build your holistic business in a way that you can flourish.

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Imagine popping out of bed with a spring in your step, eager to see what the new day will bring. After a little morning routine and making sure all needs are met, you enter your day with calm and ease. There’s an excitement of bringing your creativity and service to the world. A feeling of gratitude is present because you’re able to connect in a deep and meaningful way with your dream clients. You’re making a difference in the world, which is felt by those around you. Life is good and you’re able to close each day with a sense of love and satisfaction.

Yes! You have the power to create something from your heart while developing a sustainable business that gives you the freedom and fulfillment that you desire.

How do I know? Because I’ve done it for myself and have helped women just like you take their ideas and manifest them into viable and successful businesses.

Though you desire freedom and flow, you may still struggle with overwhelm and feeling stuck

Your current day might not look like the above. And that’s OK. It’s easy to get stuck because of all of the choices and directions we can take when we’re launching our business. Scrolling online looking at one expert after another not sure which direction to go in. Or worse, conducting endless Google Searches jumping from one business building article to another painstaking YouTube episode!

Having a proven business blueprint eliminates all the guesswork, fear of missing out, and self-doubt.

You want a clear path laid out and moreover someone you can trust that’s walked the walk and is willing to share years of experiences so you don’t have to make the same mistakes or missteps.

From one lightworker to another...

I’ve been intimately involved in the holistic world for many years. I’m a trained certified aromatherapist, certified mind-body coach and a daily meditator. That gives me unique insight into what it’s going to take to make an integrated business succeed, and it’s not the typical marketing strategies that work for the mainstream.

“After working with Kc, I have a greater vocabulary and a more robust toolbox, but the thing I value most is the empowerment I feel to explore areas that previously intimidated me too much to delve into. It’s fun for me now (mostly) rather than frustrating. Her insight in these times has catalyzed great work and built my confidence by leaps and bounds. I am so grateful that Kc can offer me the encouragement and tools for all of my goals but especially around my weakest links. Kc is more than a coach of your business, she cares about you as a whole person.

Petra Page-Mann, Fruition Seeds

Have you ever struggled with:

  • Not feeling in alignment with digital marketing tactics and confused as to what WILL work for a healing-oriented business?
  • Getting stuck in your own head to the point that it starts to control your whole world?
  • Second guessing your next move, allowing fear and self-doubt to take over again and again?
  • Tech roadblocks that make you want to toss your laptop and take a nap?
  • Being so overwhelmed with other systems and blueprints that you just can’t stand it anymore?
  • Having the same goals on your “to do” list for months that you’re tired of rewriting them?
  • Purchasing one more course that you thought was your “golden ticket” but for some reason, it just gets filed with the rest of the pile?
If you’re nodding your head because you can relate then you’re in the right place!

It’s time to build a business of your dreams that allows you to spend more time with your family, craft a schedule in a way that works for your life, work fewer hours, and feel like you’re doing the work that you were put on this planet to do.

That’s why I developed Thrive Tribe.

Thrive Tribe is a group coaching program that makes building and growing a business accessible and fun, with a mindful eye on our inner spirit.

Banding together provides a unique dynamic. I’m always so amazed at the power of connection + intention. When a small group comes together for a similar purpose, beyond great things can happen. Our mini-network has the potential to provide a long-term support system, as with most group settings you establish relationships that last!

It’s your time for “project you.” Your time to put your business on the front burner and go “all in.” I encourage you to marinate on the possibilities of what you can accomplish with accountability, guidance, and direction.

What You'll Learn

Step-by-step modules that take you through every stage of building a holistic business from the ground up so you go from concept to clients.


Uncovering your purpose
Goal Setting
Time Management
Focusing your ideas


Business organization
Niche/Defining your ideal client


Sales & Marketing


PLUS! In this group coaching program, you'll also get:

  • One 45-minute kickstart coaching session. Our chance to personally connect and clarify your goals before diving in with the group.
  • 13 Weekly 60-minute online group coaching sessions where you can connect and feel supported by other women driven by integrity - just like you.
  • Membership to a private Facebook group channel (only open to Thrive Tribe members) for daily inspiration, accountability and space to network with the tribe.

Thrive Tribe was created especially for you if...

You’ve been wanting to start a business that lights up your soul but have no idea where or how to begin.

You’ve graduated from a certification course with the hope of crafting a lifestyle that feels more in alignment with who you are and what you want to do with your career.

You need a step-by-step plan that is concise and easy to follow but doesn't take forever to complete.

You value having direction from someone who has achieved exactly what you want for yourself.

-- AND --

Your tired of seeing your peers go after their dreams when your passion project collects dust for another year.

“Kc helps me make my creative vision for my business a reality. She is a true expert for solopreneurs. Love, love, love working with you and all the care you give my business. I realize how much we’ve done and how great this is. I am re-energized
to plow through.”

Jodi Baglien, Bringing Aromatherapy into Healthcare

You can succeed online even if you’re not a tech head.

A lot of times, being super slick on the computer is not in our current skill set. If this is you, no worries! Unraveling what can feel like a knotted mess of cords is one of my superpowers! Empowering women to look at digital resources and tools available to run our businesses more effectively and efficiently if part of my mission.


There’s no reason to go this journey alone.

Holistic Startups just like you are looking to connect, get clarity, and have a little levity along the way! Let's make building your business enjoyable + profitable!

Feeling a part of a meaningful tribe that gets you, your struggles, and what it takes to truly be holistic feels like a popsicle on a hot Summer’s day!

Open to 8 Action-oriented Business Owners ONLY

Purposefully small so you feel supported to share in a safe space and always feel heard. Being a part of a tribe adds to the excitement, support, and momentum. It’s also a more economical way to experience what business coaching can do for you and your bottom line.

“This was a journey to marry my past experience with my new dream and refocus energy to make something unique that can also grow and thrive. She kept me honest, which was one of the things I requested. I would recommend Kc as a Business Coach. She is willing to change her template and modify it to client needs rather than making the client fit a predetermined timetable or path. Not every business fits a SCORE template, especially a micro-business that pushes the envelope to new paths. I went into this having no expectations other than to try and enjoy the journey and find out where it led. I do not believe that I would be as sure that where I am headed is the correct path if I had not worked with Kc.”

Martha Mosher, Quilted Care

We all need a trusted mentor.

Someone that can be a voice of reason, advise from a place of experience and is laser-focused at seeing the hidden gems of you and your business potential. Having a business coach in your corner, directing and cheering you on could be the one thing that’s going to make everything click.

I'm highly sensitive to the demands of being a small business owner. Allow me to help navigate your path so it’s a joyful journey.

Meet Your Mentor

Kc Rossi has been building businesses for 27 years. She is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to help women grow sustainable businesses so they can thrive.

Her experience ranges from a brick and mortar confection manufacturing company (that hit over 7-figures) to launching a boutique aromatherapy line to supporting dozens of online marketers in their pursuit of achieving success without burning out.

She helps women solopreneurs build, grow, and optimize their holistic businesses so they can help more people, work less hours, and live abundantly.

Kc has been published on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Thrive Global and is the host of the Women Developing Brilliance podcast.

Growth takes care. It requires both skill and insight to achieve maximum results. It’s also SO much easier with a guide + a tribe.

There’s beauty in crafting a life on your own terms.

Nothing compares to that sense of accomplishment, the self-satisfaction that you

rose to the challenges and slayed the goals!


What is a holistic startup?

When I use the term “holistic startup” I’m referring to any new small business that has a focus on mind, body, and spirit. This usually includes coaches, aromatherapists, bodyworkers, energy healers, natural food manufacturers, yoga instructors and more.

Will this work for me and my business?

I’m a firm believer of destiny – right place/right time. If you’ve landed here, I think it’s for good reason. There are no sure things in anything, but, I’m confident if you’re willing to do the work and open to guidance greatness awaits.

What if I can’t make the group coaching calls?

No worries at all…I’ve got you covered! All coaching calls are recorded and you'll have access to the replay. You can send me any questions prior to the call, if you know you can’t fit it in your schedule.

Will I get the same benefits working in a group as 1-on-1 coaching only?

To me, you get the best of both the 1-on-1 coaching experience and the benefits of group dynamics. Between our individual 1:1 kick off call, purposely small group sessions, and member-only Slack channel, I guarantee you’ll never feel left in the background or just 1 of the crowd.

Will you be offering this again?

It’s my intention to offer this again because I believe in the dynamics and the power of the group structure. That being said, I do not have additional enrollment dates set for 2019 at this time.

What is your refund policy?

I am committed to showing up and participating fully and I expect the same from the people in the tribe. That being said, there are no refunds. I feel when it’s the perfect fit there’re unlimited possibilities and having to confidently make the investment in yourself and your business helps propel you forward with no excuses.

Still have questions?

Recent Client Feedback

"Throughout my journey, no one had offered the kind of support and expertise in one person than Kc offers.

After working with Kc, I was left with a treasure trove of information and tools.

She gave me information on how to organize my social media in a way to optimize its potential so I would be less bogged down. She even skillfully helped me put together and write a much more effective website.

The list of time-saving Apps that she provided me with was numerous and effective in helping me achieve my goals.

She listened to my ideas and formulated/broke them down into reachable and attainable goals based on what my schedule would allow.

One of the most important things I gained from Kc personally is support unlike any other. It’s hard being a female entrepreneur balancing work, a business and home life. I'm constantly learning how to be an owner and not an employee while trying not to burden my family with my doubts and fears. It’s a hard balancing act made less daunting when I knew I had someone in my corner.

To me, there are two signs of a good mentor/advisor - They meet you where you are and help you to learn and grow in a method that works for you. Finding both in the same person is a blessing and an opportunity."

Claudine Folks, Double Delicious Bakery

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